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How to Sell Print to: Local Political Parties

30 October 2019
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to: Local Political Parties

With a general election on the cards, it seems like a great time to update our How to Sell Print blog series to include selling to local political parties. Plus, download free, pre-prepared marketing materials from our election reseller toolkit and target your local parties.

In this latest edition, we look at how to offer your services to local government. Registered political parties can spend up to £30,000 on a campaign per constituency and we want to help you get as much of that budget sent your way as possible. Using the tips in this blog, you will be ready to suggest the most popular products and help local party members promote themselves across various print. 

If you don’t have contact details for your local parties, you can simply search for these online. Please remember that GDPR will still apply – for example, be aware if the party has previously asked you not to send them marketing. See the ICO’s guidelines for more on this if you’re unsure.

Favourite Products

Flat flyers are a popular product in every industry but, for politicians, they usually don’t have enough space to share all of their information. At election time, we see a huge demand in A4 and A5 8PP cross-fold leaflets – particularly on silk stocks but also on an uncoated stock too. These leaflets give plenty of space and pages to break down the key points of a party's manifesto.

Opportunity to Upsell

Expand into Booklets – As effective as they are, sometimes a folded leaflet is not enough for all the information your clients need to include. Why not suggest giving your client more flexibility by putting their information into a small stapled booklet? Often, information communicated in bite-sized chunks can be more appealing to the reader – a booklet gives them the space to do this.

Special Finishes - Do your clients want to stand out from the rest? Do they want to appear more competent than their competitors? Suggest more luxurious finishing from laminations to Spot UV to really make an impact. Remember to make your focus on how this can help achieve your client’s objectives. 

Other Products

Posters - During election time, you will see party members and followers sporting a poster stating “I’m voting XXXX Party” in their windows. Your local party members will be providing these so they’ll need to order them in bulk from somewhere. Make sure that place is your print shop.

Correx – Or you may see this same message on a correx sign in the gardens of even stronger followers. You can offer these signs at a range of sizes to cater for the full range of party support.

Letterheads - In a previous political campaign, you may have received a letter from one or more of your local candidates, asking you to vote for them. By promoting yourself as a solution supplier you could sell letterheads to these parties for more than just this campaign. 

Stickers - Another popular product to see at election time are stickers – from the simple “I have voted” to “I have voted for XXX party”. Offer these to clients as another cross-sell product. 

Post Campaign

Always remember to follow up after the campaign has ended. You can ask for a testimonial of your services to support a social proofing initiative or simply ask them to keep you in mind for any upcoming projects. This can turn a one-time client into a regular.

For more insights on how to target your sales talk to different print clients, remember to check out other instalments in this blog series. We’ve got tips on selling to restaurants & bars, tourism, sports clubs, and estate agents.


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