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Our Time at The Print Show 2017

20 October 2017

Our Time at The Print Show 2017

Last week saw The Print Show return for the third year – another fantastic opportunity to discover the latest innovations within the print industry. From recent technological advances to creative system developments, there was plenty to help you build your business and improve your margins.

At the Route One stand we were able to meet several of our existing clients as well as people we hope to see becoming new clients in the near future. Our account managers enjoyed putting faces to the names of clients they get to talk to so often over the phone but rarely in person. We also gained helpful insight into what you’d like see us offer in the future which we will definitely be considering when we plan our new releases for the coming year.

However, as well as handing out our new sample pack and answering queries from our stand, we also went out to explore the rest of the show! If you weren’t able to get down to the exhibition, here’s what we were able to find out…

Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN Series from Canon

As you would imagine from one of the bigger names at the show, Canon had some very exciting items on their stand. Enjoying their first UK outing were two of their latest creations – one being the Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series of monochrome presses.

Building on their Océ VarioPrint 6000 range, Canon have optimised the TITAN series to be able to print on the widest range of media yet. Capable of printing on stock as thin as 45gsm, owners can now look into offering specialist products like pharmaceutical leaflets and legal documentation.

Not only does the TITAN series open up new marketing avenues to printers, but it has been designed for industry-leading productivity and efficiency. Using Canon’s unique Gemini Instant Duplex Technology, the TITAN presses can print on both sides of the substrate simultaneously. That technology, combined with format printing as large as 350x500mm, means that true 4-up books format printing is also an option. Altogether, the TITAN series can boast an impressive print speed of 328ipm!

Océ Colorado 1640 from Canon

As we mentioned before, there were two exciting products from Canon making their UK debut at The Print Show this year. The second was the Océ Colorado 1640 – a printer that could be revolutionary as it’s the first large format printer to use Canon’s incredible UVgel technology.

Based on UV curing principles, Canon’s UVgel carries all the advantages of traditional UV ink technology but also comes with added benefits that ink is unable to achieve. The inherent gel property of Canon’s UVgel means that droplets do not blend, giving a much more accurate, quality print. The UVgel also has the opportunity to ‘settle’ so as to create a smoother profile which is better suited to lamination.

Moreover, UVgel technology can be applied to a large range of different media. The Océ Colorado creates a controlled microclimate as the ink is deposited onto the substrate meaning that heat sensitive media will not distort in any way. The gel is also highly durable to survive outdoor uses without fading or washing away.

To top it all off, the Océ Colorado 1640 is able to print at a speed of 159m2/hr – over twice the rate of any other printer in its class.

The Print Show Sample Pack

Our new sample pack

UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160 from Mimaki

Another exciting stand belonged to Hybrid Services, who were demonstrating the new UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160 on behalf of Mimaki. These printers are designed to widen the possibilities in the field of display graphics production.

By using high-opacity white UV ink, these printers can provide innovative solutions for printing on transparent or translucent film substrates. This white UV ink can be used to block-out imagery within a single print so that film labels or stickers can show different artwork on each side – for example, when creating push/pull labels for glass doors.

This ability to create layers of print is also what enables these printers to create dynamic graphics to be used in backlit signs. With four layers of print, the UCJV series can produce a graphic that shows one image in daylight and another image at night when the backlight is switched on. This distinctive capability allows printers to offer some really high-impact products while keeping overhead costs low.

Diversify with Promotional Products from Channl.com

The Print Show 2017 saw the start of a brand new exhibition show, SignLink Live, which hopes to introduce printers to new marketing avenues. We enjoyed this addition to the show, and we want to talk about one stand in particular that stood out as offering a great service for printers wanting to diversify.

Channl.com are providing printers with a quick and easy solution to branching out into promotional items like pens, mugs, t-shirts etc. They’re offering a professional website that uses your company’s branding, which your customers can then use to order directly from the manufacturers. You can even set up customer specific view sites so that the product range they see is already branded with their logo!

The Print Show Display

The Route One Print display table

Traditional Sign Writing from The Pub Sign Company

As well as all the industry changing automated systems and advanced technology, it was equally interesting to take a look at the more traditional side of sign making in the Craftsman’s Corner. Here, you could learn about time-honoured skills including gold-leaf guilding, pin striping, and hand painting.

It was the hand painting stand that we spent time at, learning the basics of lettering and discussing the sometimes undervalued worth of something that had been crafted by hand. The Craftsman’s Corner was hosted by The Pub Sign Company who, as well as creating bespoke, hand painted work, actually predominantly offer digital commissions.

When asked if there was one message that he would like to put out into the world, painter, Tim Bird, asked for hand painting and sign writing to be included in design courses again. He says that learning hand painting when he was starting out has given him a job for life and one in which he can continue to learn and build on his craft.

They may not be what you’d first expect from a print show but we enjoyed ourselves at their stall nonetheless.

Did you go to The Print Show? What was your favourite discovery? If you didn’t go to the show yourself or just didn’t get a chance to see us, don’t forget you can call our account managers at any time to ask a question. In the meantime, why not read about the £5 million of investments we’ve made over the summer, or about our brand new dedicated business card production cell.


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