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10 Festive Colour Schemes for Your Christmas Designs

22 November 2019
Design Inspiration

10 Festive Colour Schemes for Your Christmas Designs

With the holidays approaching, if you haven’t planned your Christmas print yet, you definitely need to start. Whether you’re designing some Christmas cards or a seasonal marketing campaign, you need to pick a festive theme.

If there’s one rule to bear in mind when picking your Christmas colour scheme, it’s to maintain the three cornerstone colours; red, green, and gold. If you can include at least one of these, you’ll be on your way to a festive feeling design.

Take a look at all ten colour schemes we’ve collated and you’ll find out when it’s okay to ignore that rule too.

1.    Festive Cheer

Did we mention the importance of red, green and gold at Christmas? This first colour scheme explores that exact combination. For a traditional approach, go for some deep, homely shades of those foundation colours. Keep them warm and inviting.

2.    Elfish Joy

Still maintaining the key colours of red and green, you can brighten things up a bit by mixing them with white instead of gold. This gives a lighter feel to your designs and the overall look is more playful.

3.    Holidays at Home

Stepping away from the conventional, you could focus on just one colour from the holy trinity of Christmas colours. Red is the focal point here but is combined with cold shades of white and grey for the snowy scenes you’ll (hopefully) see out of your window in winter.

4.    A White Christmas

Along a similar theme, you could focus on just green instead. Combining it with whites and greys brings out that snowy feeling. You could even take it further by adding black to replicate a night-time landscape, with evergreen trees being your only source of colour.

5.    The Greatest Gift

Going back to a more conventional take on things, red and gold are a great Christmas duo. As the two warm colours from our trio, they can make a design feel inviting on those cold winter nights. They are also colours associated with luxury, because why not spoil yourself at Christmas?

6.    Midnight at Christmas

Keeping on a golden theme, black is a great contrasting colour for gold. There are plenty of Christmas designs made up of just these two colours and they all glimmer with opulence and extravagance. You can make your gold a smooth, elegant gold or you can add glitter and make it really shine.

7.    Christmasses Gone By

Instead of luxury, you might be after a vintage vibe for your festive prints. If so, this is the colour scheme for you. With off whites and faded browns, this collection feels like a step into the past. Only red has stood the test of time and its bright contrast emphasises its Christmassy feel.

8.    Fun with Fairy Lights

For our final few colour schemes, we’re moving into much more modern designs as we explore different colour inspirations. This bright palette, for example, is built around that staple Christmas decoration piece; fairy lights. It’s fun and exciting and a great alternative look.

9.    Frosty Morning

It’s not uncommon for designers to take inspiration from the world around us and this colour scheme does exactly that. While there is no allusion to our original three colours, this palette is reminiscent of the gradients we see on a cold winter morning, just as the sun starts to rise.

10.    Ice Blue

Finally, you could lock into how cold it is at this time of year. Bring that frosty feeling into your designs with a collection of cold blues. You could combine these with silver or a very pale yellow gold to bring out the sparkle that frost sometimes has.

Whatever you do, have fun with it. Christmas is a great time for exploring the traditional as well as experimenting with how you can bring something new to the table. Find more festive inspiration with our blog, The 12 Greetings Cards of Christmas, or How to Design a Great Christmas Advert.


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