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20 Incredible Creative Packaging Examples

09 June 2017
Design Inspiration

20 Incredible Creative Packaging Examples

Now, more than ever, brands need to make their products stand out on the shelf. With so much choice in the market, customers often go for the option which catches their eye because a brand that puts effort into its packaging often comes across as being of better quality. Take a look at these creative packaging examples that we’ve found. In each case, the designer has thought outside the box, literally, and come up with something that’s bound to grab the attention of passers-by.

1. Choco

The bright colours used in these chocolate wrappers are sure to get this brand noticed. We love how each flavour of chocolate has been given its own character and style whilst still keeping with the overall brand theme. The artwork has even been translated onto paper bags so that everyone can enjoy these vibrant designs.



2. Converse

Speaking of using bags as advertising, here are some shoe bags inspired by Gortz 17’s Converse collection. The designer says that their strategy was to create “new packaging that made the brand even more desirable in terms of look and functionality.”


3. Gift Horses

This packaging is pretty clever because, without the actual content, the sweet lollies, it wouldn’t work at all. Although this sort of thing wouldn’t work on a supermarket shelf, it could be applied to free handouts in event marketing.


4. Mexico Food and Liquor

You know that these relishes use a Mexican recipe thanks to the detailed sugar skull illustration. On its own, that design isn’t anything special but because the bottles are made of clear glass, the designer has been able to use the sauces’ bright colours to make the design more interesting.



5. Pasta Concept

Here is another example where the designer has been able to incorporate the product in the design. This striking packaging concept is fun and takes advantage of the visual attributes of the different variations of pasta that would be sold.


6. Mama’s Sauce

This packaging is actually multifunctional as it doubles up to be a greetings card when unfolded making for a cute, neat little gift for any new mother. This beautifully designed cube comes with instructions on how to open it so that the receiver can quickly find their baby grow present and their hidden message.



7. Faces Perfume

Here we have a perfume bottle with a rather unusual shape. The packaging designer has clearly taken inspiration from this to create an elegant box to accompany it. The overall look is unique enough to make it stand out from the competition but the minimalist design ensures that it remains sophisticated.


8. Latona Marketing Inc.

These biscuits have been transformed into a musical instrument through their packaging. This packet is interesting because not every biscuit can be wrapped in the same wrapper. There must be a couple of wrapper designs printed and each biscuit must be carefully selected in order to accurately mimic the pattern of piano keys.


9. Monsillage Soap

What represents luxury better than a slab of pure gold? That’s the idea that inspired this soap packaging and it certainly is eye-catching, especially when several are laid out together. However, so much gold foiling is liable to scratches and fingerprints which isn’t so luxurious.



10. Packaging Tape

This designer has come up with a creative way to apply branding onto any type of package. If you are likely to be sending out several parcels a day, all different sizes, branded paper tape may be the way forward.


11. Crafted Taste Cocktails

This cocktail subscription box has been designed with functionality in mind. The box is strong to avoid being crushed in the post and is padded to prevent its contents from breaking inside. It also uses infographics for the majority of its communication meaning that almost anybody could follow the provided instructions correctly.



12. Worker B Candles

Bees and the way they work is behind every aspect of this design. The laser cut shapes used in this design have to be very precise and they make the casing quite delicate. This delicacy helps communicate the care and precision that went into making the candles so that customers are left with a sense of quality.


13. Real Food Bars

A lot of packaging for products that have different flavours or subcategories stick to the same template and only change small design elements such as the colour. This packaging, however, changes nearly everything about its design for each different product.


14. Vilpuri Bread Bags

Bread can be considered pretty basic but Vilpuri have managed to mix things up a bit and make bread fun. These bread monsters could even be a way to get young children interested in healthier breads.


15. Paintbrush Concept

Here’s a design to make anyone giggle but you should know, it is also a very practical design. Not only does it allow two brushes to be sold at once with just a single piece of cardboard, it can also act as a stand to hold any wet brushes while you’re painting.


16. CS Lightbulbs

These beautifully drawn insects are another ingenious way to incorporate the product into the design. Each lightbulb has been matched with an insect according to its length and diameter so that they are as anatomically correct as possible.


17. Cupcake Oven

Help your baked goods stay fresh by keeping them in the oven! Or at least, a paper one. Even if this oven isn’t actually keeping the cupcakes fresh, it does make it much more intriguing. This designer has several other quirky packaging ideas on their Etsy shop which we recommend taking a look at.


18. Cigarette Box Concept

This cigarette packaging fulfils its primary task of holding cigarettes but also contains an important message. The white cigarettes act as teeth so that the woman loses more and more teeth as more cigarettes are used, just like smokers are likely to develop gum disease and therefore lose teeth in real life.


19. Noté Headphones

Here’s some packaging that hasn’t just found a way to use the product in the design, it also creates an image that is actually relevant to the product’s purpose. We also like the fact that this designer has created variations even though it isn’t necessary for the product.



20. Butchers Meat

Finally, we end our round-up of packaging ideas with these meat products from Butchers. By positioning the cut out through to the meat as inside the relevant animal image, the design seems to be suggesting that this is pure meat, with nothing added to it, and therefore of a high quality.


Do you have a favourite packaging design that we’ve not included here? Let us know! For more tips and design advice, download our FREE eBook, 50 Tips from Designers, To Designers.


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