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Corporate Identity & Brand Design Inspiration

06 October 2016
Design Inspiration

Corporate Identity & Brand Design Inspiration

‘Corporate’ doesn't have to mean bland and impersonal. The brand identity of larger companies is constantly evolving and corporations are thinking differently about how their consumers perceive them. The scale and reach of a large brand does not mean designers have to compromise on originality. However since the branding design will leak into the brochures, cards, stationery, pens and digital presence, the design has to be incredibly versatile.

Here’s our collection of the best in corporate graphic design to inspire you to inject personality into your client’s corporate branding.


KIND, a Norwegian conceptual branding company were given the task of reimagining ‘Coffee Royalty’ brand, Friele. Synonymous with quality and excellence, the brand vision had to lead the direction of a growing business empire. The brand had to attract suppliers, partners and customers whilst retaining the famous prestige.

Splashes of colour punctuate the black background, with blue shades appearing throughout the stationery - adding variety and a sense of adventure which stops an entirely monochrome design whilst holding tightly onto its class.








Talkin’ Threads

Creating a brand identity for a fashion label poses a new challenge to graphic designers, as done properly the design itself can be imposed upon the clothes. The design has to be so specific to the target market that they want to wear it!

That’s what Talkin’ Threads kept at the forefront of their mind when fine-tuning a trademark that would tap into ‘young hip design and fashion savvy adults’. The design tools used were based upon drawing, spray paint, mist and graffiti to incorporate the edge of the brand. The resulting logo can be altered, filled by other images and most importantly – recognised.











Kruger Corporation

Turning our gaze all the way towards Ecuador, software development and consulting company Kruger recently completed their new 9-story tech powerhouse. The brief was to create a space which uplifted staff to a positive and focussed state of mind by generating environmental graphics. ‘Colour and sobriety’ was the term used to depict the friendly yet organised chromatic system – with each floor being assigned a vibrant colour and their own cartoon character stood by each lift to help inject fun and life into the corporate world.











Acesso is a huge Brazilian travel agency, whose corporate image didn’t lose sight of its identity when they evolved into a larger corporation. The logo is a globe formed from geometric shapes inside a pin mark for a quirky and unforgettable image. We especially love the intricacy of the DL envelope design, which features a map once opened in the inner lining.








Papazian Jewellery Displays

A winner at the Awwwards, Papazian are a world-renowned maker of jewellery mannequins and display bases. Their enthralling branding and web design won the appreciation of critics and fellow designers alike – timeless and elegant as their products.









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