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Creative Calendars and Wall Planner Inspiration

11 December 2017
Design Inspiration

Creative Calendars and Wall Planner Inspiration

Every New Year, we see the same calendars again and again – cute cats in hats, and mountains of adorable puppies. Even more predictable, however, are the boxy, branded corporate calendars sent out in New Year mailers. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to receive a calendar that does something a little different? Something you’ve not seen before?

Take a look through these unique calendars and wall planners to see how you can make your next project a little more exciting!

1. Have Fun with Typography

Calendar Typography

This wall calendar creates a great retro theme with its faded colour palette and by playing around with typography. It would be perfect for anyone artistically minded but it would be even more fun to make. As a designer, you can experiment with the different emotions that come across through the many different font combinations.

2. Use Stunning Photography

Calendar Photography

We don’t just mean your generic flower photography. Use photos that make people see something they thought they knew in a different light. The photos in this calendar showcase the urban beauty of New York City and manages to link in the different moods of the city with the seasons.

3. Break Boundaries

Calendar Colour Splash

Desk calendars, the first choice for businesses when creating seasonal New Year gift, often fall prey to becoming filled with right-angled corners and definite boundaries. They end up feeling very corporate and lifeless, but this desk calendar has managed to avoid that fate! These splashes of colour keep the calendar feeling light and interesting.

4. Create Art

Calendar Wall Art

The Paper Source Wall Art Calendar are so much more than just a calendar and is something to look forward to every year. Their calendars are so beautiful that people actually use them to decorate their houses. Not only that, but each month can be transformed into a small paper creation – such as a gift box, or note card – with templates and instructions on the reverse sides.

5. Be Flexible

Calendar Whiteboard

Do you ever write a plan into your calendar and then suddenly the plan changes and you end up with a mess of scribbles and crossing out? With a wall planner like this, you can simply wipe away any plans that get changed and write in the new one. You could frame a poster and use special pens that write on glass, or you could print directly onto a Staufen display board. Simply rewrite in the dates when a new month passes.

6. Make a Letterpress Calendar

Calendar Letterpress

Sophisticated and simple doesn’t have to mean straight lines and boxes. Letterpress has the wonderfully refined quality that means your calendar can be unique but remain classy. These exotic city skylines could inspire the receiver of this calendar to spend their year travelling and exploring the world.

7. Have a Laugh

Calendar International Days

There are some incredibly obscure International Days at the moment. Why not poke fun at some of the weirdest days like this calendar does? Find the strangest awareness/celebration day of each month and let that inspire your illustration. The great thing is, there are so many of these days being created every year, you can choose different ones each year!

8. Why Be Square? Pt. 1

Calendar Triangle Desk

Who said calendars have to be square and rectangular anyway? Stand out from the crowd with a completely new kind of calendar, a pyramid calendar! Who knows? Maybe this design will be future of calendars once enough people start making them?

9. Why Be Square? Pt. 2

Calendar Triangle Wall

Continuing with the triangular theme, this wall planner is still a rectangular poster but uses triangles instead of squares to form the grid of dates. It creates quite an interesting geometric effect which fits in well with the recent trend for geometric design. Could this design be a sign that the geometric trend is set to continue into next year?

10. Give Useful Content

Calendar Recipe

When designing a calendar that’s to be part of a marketing campaign, don’t let your client miss out on the opportunity to give their recipients some fantastic content. In this example, each month gives the owner a new recipe to try but you could include all sorts depending on the audience. Gardeners might appreciate tips on what to plant or to tend to in each month. Accounting clients might like to know when their documents need to be in by. A charity calendar could include the fundraising events they have planned for the next year. It could be anything!

11. Include Colourful Illustrations

Calendar Jungle

So many wall planners are just made up of the basic grid and some branding elements around the outside. This calendar, on the other hand, has created something much more interesting to look at! Of course, this all depends on the brand personality of the client for whom you’re designing, but if they are looking for something a bit less stereotypical, this planner and the others created by this designer might be a good place to start.

12. Go 3D

Calendar 3D Animal

We just had to end on these absolutely magnificent 3D desk calendars! Each month’s design is different. Not only would the owner get to see this wonderfully colourful, fun calendar on their desks every day, they’d also get to create a new 3D animal each month. Yes, these would take a lot of effort to get right but your client would certainly be remembered.

If you think you can come up with something equally amazing but aren’t quite there yet, take a look at these habits you can get into that have been scientifically proven to encourage creative thought!


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