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Office Doodle Challenge

04 June 2019
Design Inspiration

Office Doodle Challenge

Ever wondered who’s the most creative person in the office? Or do you have a spare 5 minutes to get the creative juices flowing? Why not take on one of our Doodle Challenges?
Here’s how our team at Route 1 Print got on… 


Becky (Account Executive)



Charlotte (Graphic Designer)


Sam (Product and Pricing Specialist)


James (Graphic Designer)  


Sean (Trainer, HR & Training) 


Mitch (Quality Control)


Emily (Content Marketing Executive) 


Joe (Artworker) 


Tim (Creative Lead)

As you can see, some of us are definitely more creative than others! We’d love to see yours. Send them in to us @Route1Print using #cardsfordesign. 


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