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Meet Graphic Designer Karisma Kawol

08 December 2016
Designer Spotlight

Meet Graphic Designer Karisma Kawol

Sometimes, basing a design project merely on a brief isn’t enough. To truly understand a client’s brand, personality and goals, you have to interact with them personally in order to let it shine through the design. This is what Graphic Designer Karisma Kawol started to understand, and after spending time at the beginning of her career at design agencies, she knew in order to grow it was time to take the leap into Freelance Graphic Design.

Her freelance business, Karizmatic, prides itself on injecting charisma into businesses by keeping their brand identities fresh. From promotional print for events to social media presence, Karisma has expanded into a huge range of design, helping businesses craft their brand in every aspect of their marketing efforts. Her website oozes personality, with bold colours and exciting imagery giving a glimpse into the energy she’ll bring to your brand. Stretching beyond design into digital marketing and branding eBooks for her clients to download cements the full rounded service she will bring to her client’s projects.

We got the lowdown on how her passion for design, challenges she’s faced in her career and how she approaches each clients.

How did your design career start?

As a child I always had a passion for anything related to design and creativity, however I never realized I could turn my passion into a job that I love very much!  I did a degree in Multimedia Technology and Design, which covered everything I needed to know, from Graphic Design, Web Design, Film Making, Photography, 3D Animation and much more!  I did my work placement at Yell.com where I learnt everything I needed to know about advertising. After graduating I was approached by a web design company after showcasing my project at New Designers at The Business Design Centre in London.

When did you decide it was time to take the leap and start your own design business?

Whilst working in-house at various design agencies, although I was praised for my work, I felt I wanted to be more in control of projects and speaking to the clients as opposed to be just handed a brief. Also I did not have the flexibility to use my design skills to my best ability.

Starting my own design business, allowed me to work directly with the client and let my creativity flow utilising all my design skills to include graphic design, web design, social media marketing and more.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?

Finding the right clients!

How do you approach designing for a new client?

I do my background research on a new client by visiting their website and having a look at the social media to find out about their brand personality and their style.

What’s been your most exciting project so far?

Working with the event organisers for shows in SSE Arena and The O2 and having my work displayed on a massive billboard on the A406.

How do you balance your work and home life?

My work is my life and I love my job so it never feels like work anyway!

What do you wish someone had told you when you first started your freelance career?

How to chase clients for payment!

You can check out more of Karizmatic’s work on her website and also on twitter @Karizmatic_K.

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