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6 New Year's Resolutions for Designers

15 January 2018
Freelance Survival

6 New Year's Resolutions for Designers

Happy New Year! For many, the start of a new year is great motivation to set yourself some new personal goals. As the celebrations die down, it’s a time to look to the future and imagine the ‘new you’ you’d like to be.

You’ve probably already made the resolution to get fit, drink less, see friends and family more, but what about resolutions for your design business?

We’ve compiled a list of resolutions that could help your business grow over 2018. Ranging from small, simple changes to big projects, there should be something here that you can commit to.

1. Focus on How You Can Help Your Clients

Let’s start with something small. This resolution doesn’t require you to make any major changes to your daily routine, it simply asks you to change the way you approach your work.

According to designer Paul Jarvis, most design clients don’t choose their designer because of their low prices, their breadth of skills, or their ability to be on-trend. Instead, most clients actually look at whether or not a designer can make a positive impact on their business performance.

Armed with this knowledge, when pitching to potential clients, you need to look at offering solutions rather than just making a design that looks good. Show them that you understand the goal they’re trying to achieve and how you can help them reach it.

2. Start a Design Blog

Taking things up a notch now, creating and maintaining a blog takes a lot of work but it is well worth the effort. There are so many things that a blog can help you with if you’re willing to work for it.

For a start, regularly uploading content to your website does great things for your SEO. Google likes websites that are frequently updated so writing a blog can really help you to jump up the search rankings.

Plus, a blog allows you to explore the pieces in your portfolio in more depth, or even to show off work that isn’t included in your portfolio. Potential clients can use this to see if you’re the type of designer they’re looking for. Find more benefits to having a design blog in our post on that exact subject.

3. Dedicate More Time to Social Media

Yeah, we get it, if you’re not a natural tweeter it can be hard to force yourself to post more regularly on social media. Unfortunately, 20% of people research new brands on social media before making a decision to buy from them or not.

Thankfully, you have an advantage as a designer because your business is inherently visual in nature, which works very well of social media. You can create profiles on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the standard Facebook and Twitter.

You can use social media to draw new visitors onto your website and to establish yourself as an industry expert. Just be sure to learn the best practices for each platform so that your posts are as effective as possible.

4. Improve Your Local Marketing Tactics

As a graphic designer, the majority of your customers will want to meet face-to-face to discuss new projects, and so a large portion of your work is going to come from local people. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have a strong local marketing strategy.

There are so many things you can do to build a solid reputation within your hometown, from taking part in community events to optimising your web presence for your local area. Find 20 great tips here in one of our other blogs.

5. Work on Your Customer Loyalty

Did you know that acquiring new customers costs 5 to 10 times more than selling to a current customer? Yet just a 5% increase in customer retention efforts could lead to an increase in profits of more than 25%!

It makes you wonder why you put so much effort into finding new clients. Instead, what you should be doing is concentrating on how you can get existing clients to keep coming back.

Listening to and really knowing your clients is one of the best ways you can increase customer loyalty but you can also put on offers and discounts specifically for you current clients to keep them happy.

6.    Learn a New Skill

According to a recent survey with some of our graphic design clients, constantly learning is a sign of a successful designer. This year, why don’t you challenge yourself to break into a new area of design? Who knows, you could discover a hidden talent for it!

It doesn’t even have to be a whole new field of design, you could simply perfect a new technique in Photoshop or experiment with a new style. You can let this resolution take up as much or as little of you time as you like.

What are your plans for your graphic design business for 2018? Do you have any resolutions that we’ve not included? If you want to make some personal resolutions too, you could take up some habits that have been scientifically proven to encourage creative thinking.


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