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6 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Design Blog

14 November 2017
Freelance Survival

6 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Design Blog

Like many designers, you probably followed this path because of your love for art and this is what you want to spend your time doing. However, no matter how amazing you are at your craft, you do have to spend some of your time on other things – like marketing yourself.

Blogs are a fantastic way to build up credibility for your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. Read on to discover why a design blog isn’t just a nice little extra, it’s a must-have for your site.

1.    Establishes You as an Expert

Blogging gives you an opportunity to show off what you know about the wide world of graphic design. You can voice your unique thoughts on developments in the design industry as well as give advice on how to create quality design work.

For a start, this shows prospective clients that you know what you’re doing and that you’re more than capable of producing their artwork. It also gives you credibility amongst your peers and your opinion will hold more weight in debates about the design industry.

2.    Differentiates You from Other Designers

While there are a lot of designers who blog these days, not everyone does. The fact that you do have a blog immediately gives you something unique for clients to associate you with.

Clients will find it easier to connect with you if you have a blog because they can use it to gain more of an insight into who you are. Plus, if you write posts giving advice to clients, you’ll have already proven yourself to be helpful to them. Having a blog may be what pushes clients to choose you over other designers in your area.

3.    Search Engine Optimisation

You may not have thought so but a blog can massively improve the chances of clients coming across you in a Google search. Once on your blog, people are much more likely to explore the rest of your site and potentially become new clients.

Search engines love sites that have regularly uploaded content – a blog gives you the perfect opportunity to meet that criteria. You can also make sure that your blog posts use plenty of keywords and include backlinks to other pages of your site.

4.    An Extension of Your Portfolio

Your blog posts don’t have to just be about giving design-related advice or commenting on developments with the design industry. You can also use it to explore pieces of your work in more detail. Where a portfolio is often a showcase of final designs, your blog can be a space where you discuss your design process and how you overcame any difficulties.

With posts like these, potential clients will be able to better understand your style of working. The design process with them should then go much more smoothly as they’ll know what to expect.

Plus, every time you mention a particular project or even just a certain design product, you can link to your portfolio page explaining that project, or project showcasing that product. This is just another way that you can draw people into your site so that they can see your portfolio.

5.    A Secondary Source of Income

In this day and age, blogging has become a very acceptable career choice. Granted, there aren’t many people who are successful enough to make a living purely from blogging, but they do alright.

One way to make money through your blog is to offer advertising space on your site. Once you have a high traffic rate, there’ll be lots of companies wanting to gain exposure to your readership.

You can also write affiliate blogs (sponsored blogs) to promote certain products, services, or businesses to your audience. The great thing about this is that you’ll probably be given the product for free in order to test it - and who doesn’t love a good freebie?

6.    Fuels Your Social Media

As a professional, you probably have social media accounts for your business (if not, you need to set some up). 20% of people check a business’ social media presence when they are thinking about making their first purchase from that company and 29% say that brands with an active profile are more human.

A blog can provide you with a constant stream of fresh content to share on your social media channels so that you can keep up an active presence. As people engage with your posts, your following will grow and your business will grow with it.

As you can see, having a blog can bring you many benefits to help your design business thrive. Once you start bringing in more web traffic to your site, you’ll want a stunning portfolio to seal the deal. Read up on our tips for making your portfolio the best it can possibly be.



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