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How to Set Up and Upload Foiling Artwork

10 March 2020
Artwork Tips and Tricks

How to Set Up and Upload Foiling Artwork

Ever wished you had the Midas touch? Foiling might be the closest you can get – giving you the ability to turn all your print to gold, or silver, or a number of other colours with the right provider. This über indulgent finishing technique is a sure-fire way to make any print product feel like a premium item. Perfect for business cards, important invitations and extra special greetings cards.

However, this exciting finish cannot be achieved without the relevant artwork files. Keep reading to find out what we need from you in order to make your vision a reality…

What is Foiling?

As you might have guessed, foiling is about applying foil to your print. Using heat and pressure, this finishing technique fuses metallic sheet foil to specific areas of your design. This creates texture and contrast so that you can draw people’s focus to important details. Or, the added shine and glitz can simply create beautiful design accents to make your print feel more luxurious.

How to Create and Submit Your Artwork

To keep things simple, we’d like two separate PDFs from you; one for your general artwork and another to show where you need foil to be applied. In order to make sure both your files line up accurately, we recommend the following method;

1. Create your design as normal and save it as your general artwork PDF. E.g. businesscard.pdf

2. Duplicate your design and save it as your foiling file. E.g. businesscard_foil.pdf

3. Create a new colour swatch. Set the colour type to ‘spot’ and the colour values to our gold and silver specifications;

  • For gold foiling; C:0%    M:20%    Y:100%    K:0%
  • For silver foiling; C:20%    M:20%    Y:20%    K:20%


4. Recolour all design elements that you want foiling in the new, relevant fill colour.

5. Delete any other elements you do NOT want to be foiled.

6. Save your file!


Uploading Your Artwork

After buying a product with foiling, you can upload your artwork in your account area. You’ll then receive a proof of your order which will include 3 pages for each printed page with foil on; your basic artwork, just your foiled elements, and your basic artwork overlaid with your foiled elements so that you can see if they’re lined up accurately.

We currently offer gold and silver foiling on business cards. Watch this space for more colours and products! Plus, head to our factory tour pages to learn more about how we can offer this beautiful finishing option using our MGI JETvarnish 75 Evo.


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