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Behind the Scenes: Asif Younis - Head of Systems Development

27 June 2018
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Asif Younis - Head of Systems Development

Meet the man who has an integral role behind keeping our factory, and indeed our whole business, running efficiently and to the best of our ability. It’s Asif Younis, our Head of Systems Development.

Tell Us a Little Bit about What You Do

Here in the systems team, it’s our job to find gaps and inefficiencies in the company’s workflow and to create solutions. We architect and develop bespoke systems to improve work processes. As Head of Systems, it’s my responsibility to project manage and lead the development of any software that we create.

Primarily, I build applications that enable us to make better business decisions. When I first started this role, I created the Bluetree Automated Process System (BAPS) which we use to house systems for our dispatch and pigeonhole process, quoting, accounts, stock procurement and more!

Our apps can help with any aspect of the business. For example, we have systems which look at all the possible variations that could take place when producing any item in our factory – which press is used, how much time in labour goes into making it, the costs behind the process etc. Having all this data means that we’re much more informed.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

First things first, every day starts with some fresh filtered coffee! Then, I’ll see to any urgent support tickets that have been logged overnight. After they’ve all been dealt with, I’ll continue work on our main projects. We always have a few things on the go at once as we work on current and upcoming projects.

Depending on what stage each project is at, I could be doing all sorts. At the beginning of a project, I spend a lot of time meeting various stakeholders throughout the business. I essentially have to learn the jobs of all the interested parties and immerse myself in their world so that I can fully understand the project requirements. Once I’ve got that down, I move on to creating a development plan and start coding a solution!

I might also have to look at business proposals for new projects and prioritise developments that create immediate and long-term value.

What Led You to this Role?

I’ve always had a passion for software, automation and artificial intelligence. I studied Software Engineering at uni and I had a placement with BMW where I was given the opportunity to work on some incredible projects that really sealed my hunger to move forward.

After working in various industries, I came to Route One Print in 2014 – initially as part of the web development team. Shortly after, I moved over to Systems when it became apparent that I had a passion for problem solving and automation.

What, in Your Opinion, Makes Route One Print Stand Out from its Competitors?

We have the winning combination. In my mind, there are four things a company needs to be world class – quality products, cutting edge equipment, highly qualified staff, and the technology to bring all of these together.

It’s all very well having great people and great equipment, but if your staff don’t know how to use the equipment to the best of its capabilities, you won’t get the maximum output from it. Route One manages to bridge that all-important gap at one of the most critical stages for an advanced manufacturing company.


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