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Behind The Scenes - Large Format

25 April 2017
Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes - Large Format

Let us introduce you to Vinny, our Large Format Production Stream Manager. He’s been in the print biz for 31 years, so when it comes to the production process, he’s top of his game…

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

As the Large Format Stream Manager I control the full flow of large format work like Banners and Exhibition Stands all the way through the system. That means that once the order is through studio, I make sure it gets through the printers on time and that it’s finished as it should be, whether that be square cut, die cut or CAD cut. After finishing, I follow it through to packaging to make sure it gets dispatched to customers on time.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day consists of managing all large format work. Because the work is so complex, every job is different; for example, some jobs need additional finishing after they’ve been cut, so before they can be packed, they might have to be drilled, taped, have strut cards applied, have pockets applied… various things like that. So it’s my job to make sure those extra jobs are considered and fit into the daily plan and that we have enough resource and capacity to finish and dispatch it on time.

We have regular production meetings every day – the first one being with the account managers at half 9 in a morning. In this meeting, we have to check that no work went through late the day before, as well as plan the workload for the day ahead. On top of that, we have a tech review meeting at 4pm to monitor and review all the smaller Pack and Collate jobs that go through our IPOP system. And then, of course, we have various ad-hoc meetings here and there if any issues pop up during the day. Some orders can take three or four days to get through the stream, so when that’s the case I also have to plan for a few days ahead.

How many years have you worked in the print industry?

I got into print when I was 16, so 31 years now. My first job was at a company called John Green and Sons and I was there for 8 years before moving to another company, where I stayed for 18 years. I started off there as a printer and worked my way up to a senior manager. After that I went back to John Green and Sons (which at that point had a different name), before moving to Route 1 Print two and a half years ago.

What, in your opinion, makes Route 1 Print stand out from its competitors?

When I joined Route 1 it was a company on the up, and since I’ve been here it’s just exploded! I think a huge part of that is down to our level of customer service, which is incredible. We have such a huge focus on making sure we’re meeting all customer demands. We get a lot of work through large format and no matter how much we grow, how complex an order is and how much work we get on any given day, we’re always customer focused.


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