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Behind the Scenes: Matt Hodgkinson - Head of Customer Experience

18 December 2017
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Matt Hodgkinson - Head of Customer Experience

Allow us to introduce you to Matt Hodgkinson, our Head of Customer Experience. After working to improve user experience and customer services in many other companies, we’re glad to have his expertise here at Route 1 Print!

Tell Us a Little Bit about Your Role

In essence, my role is to be the voice of the customer. When any big decisions are being made, it’s my job to ensure that the benefit to our clients is kept at the forefront of all considerations. I have to balance customer requirements with commercial needs and, ultimately, ensure that our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

My work is split into two main components; client service and user experience. On the client service side of things, I make sure that all touch points with clients (phone, email, live chat, or artwork) are handled in the right way. I work closely with Kira, our Head of Client Services, who is in charge of the day-to-day running of the team while I’m more in charge of our overall strategy.

In regards to user experience, I monitor how easy it is to use our website. I try to ensure that all stages of our website– be it browsing, purchasing, or uploading artwork – can be completed quickly and smoothly by clients. We are constantly seeking feedback from our website users to find ways to improve our service.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

Full of meetings! Regular communication with all departments is very important to make sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction – towards the benefit for our clients.

I’ll start off the week by looking at the previous week’s performance statistics to see if there were any issues raised. If there were, I’ll work with Kira to figure out why those issues might have occurred and if there’s anything we can learn from them to be better. For example, if we missed our KPIs on the number of phone calls we managed to answer, was that because we don’t have the necessary resources or because there was an unusually high number of calls? If the latter, why was there a surge in phone calls and is there a larger issue that needs to be dealt with?

I’ll also check in with Route 1 Print's Brand Manager, Jack Wilmott, and our Director of Marketing and Web, James Kinsella. We’ll discuss the brand’s overall performance and see if any customer experience data can shed light on business wide issues. For example, if we have a dip in sales on a particular product, I might be able to say that we’ve had customer feedback about a drop in quality and then work to rectify that issue.

I also check in with our creative team every now and then. If they’re in the process of designing new features on the website, I’ll make sure that the project is customer-led, not design-led.

What Led You to This Role?

Well, my degree was in Cybernetics and I had a particular focus on Human Computer Interaction. Even then, I was very interested in the human element of technology development. To me, you might have the greatest tech solution in the world but, unless people know how to use it, it’s useless. Having a role specifically centred on user experience wasn’t really a thing when I finished uni, so I started off in web development and programming.

Over the years, I’ve worked for a few different companies – from developing online learning spaces for children of various ages, to optimising Asda’s online grocery shopping process for ease of use. Each job has had a different target audience and fresh challenges to find solutions for. The first role that allowed me to explore the customer service side of things was with Sky. I was involved in the UX strategy for their Intelligent Voice Routing system (the system which directs callers to the most appropriate customer service team for their query).

My role here at Route One Print allows me to see new initiatives from start to finish and to use all that experience I’ve generated.

What, In Your Opinion, Makes Route 1 Print Stand out from Its Competitors?

For me, our customer service is a big part of how we’ve managed to grow so quickly. We focus on building a relationship with our clients so that we can understand their needs as clearly as possible. Not only that, but the business as a whole values its employees and we make sure that they have all the tools that they need to provide our clients with a great service. If a customer ever does have an issue, you can be sure that it will be dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Plus, the business is founded on a real passion for print and we use that knowledge to find the best solution for our clients’ needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our customer service team operates, check out our Behind the Scenes interview with Kate, Head of Client Services.


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