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Behind the Scenes: Studio

25 April 2017
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Studio

We’d like to introduce you to Mark from our Studio team. With 28 years of experience under his belt, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about how to set artwork up for print.

Hi Mark, can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

My job at Route 1 Print is to make sure that all approved large format and complex artwork goes to the appropriate press to be printed. That includes the HP’s, the Indigo and the iGen’s.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day ranges depending on work flow. More often than not we experience a steady morning, but by lunchtime it tends to start to a bottleneck where we get really busy, and that usually lasts until the end of the day. I think the reason we get busy from lunch time is largely down to our client’s schedules. From my experience of it, a lot of them will start work at 9am, get on with all the duties they need to deal with first thing before they start approving artwork around mid-morning. That’s when it picks up for us.

Once the proofs have been approved by our clients, they drop into our a check point for us to deal with. As every piece of artwork that has been approved is large format complex, we have to check each one against our job sheet, which gives us detailed instructions into how that particular order needs to be printed, based on stock, size and how it’s imposed on the sheet. So essentially it’s a matter of understanding what requirements are needed for that job and dealing with it precisely as it’s been planned.

What did you do prior to working for Route 1 Print?

Prior to working here I went to school! (Laughs) That’s how long I’ve been in the industry. I just loved art at school, it was one of the few things along with wood work and metal work that I was actually any good at! So when I left I started a college course, but was only there a few months when I was offered a role here when we were a screen printing company as a trainee in Studio.

I’ve been working for this company for 28 years now – long before it decided to launch Route 1 Print! I’ve seen all the changes along the way, from being the 5th member of staff and working with a small team to seeing it grow to a staff of 260!

What, in your opinion, makes Route 1 Print stand out from its competitors?

In my opinion, it’s that we offer all the benefits of a big company but there’s a small team of people who are dedicated to the customer. Our clients aren’t considered as just a job in the system, they’re thought of as partners who we work with rather than for. It’s that level of dedicated service that makes Route 1 Print stand out for me.


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