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Behind the Scenes: Mark Young - Studio and Prepress Manager

24 July 2017
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Mark Young - Studio and Prepress Manager

Say hello to Mark Young, our Studio Manager. Having joined us straight from uni and worked his way up, Mark knows pretty much all there is to know about preparing artwork for print.

Tell us a bit about what you do.

My role is all about making the Studio department run as smoothly as possible. In studio, we’re responsible for checking customers’ artwork and making sure that it meets the requirements for print. We are the only department that gets to deal with every single job that comes into the business which is approximately 15,000 jobs per week. Of course, that number is set to increase in September, our busiest time of year.

Thankfully, a lot of our workload is automated which is how we’re able to get through so many jobs. We use a number of different software systems to automate the more repetitive jobs within Studio so that roughly half of all jobs just need someone to do a quality check before sending it through to print. If there are any more complicated corrections that need doing, one of our 15 members of staff will see to it manually.

What does your typical day look like?

I come in, drink lots of coffee (laughs) and catch up on emails. I’ll also prepare for any major meetings happening that day. On Mondays, that will be the department meeting for everyone in Studio where I like to make sure that everyone’s on the same page. I’ll run through any important stats from our performance of the week before, as well as any ongoing changes or new products within the factory and business as a whole.

Other than that, my days are spent on process and workflow development. We script and create our own custom systems in studio and prepress to try and create the most efficient process possible. I’ll also be assisting the team with any issues that arise such as bottlenecks in the workflow system or if a printer is malfunctioning downstairs.

What did you do before coming to Route One Print?

Before this I was a Graphic Design student. I pretty much came here straight from uni after a short period helping out with my dad’s work. That was 5 and a ½ years ago, before Route One Print had actually been created. I started out as a junior in the Studio team for the Bluetree Group before working my way up the ladder to become manager.

Having a degree in graphic design has definitely helped me in my role today. It helped me to get into the right frame of mind to assess quality. It also taught me a lot of theory about what specifications a piece of artwork needs if it’s going to come out looking good when printed.

What, in your opinion, makes Route One Print Stand Out from its competitors?

For me, the thing that makes this company stand out is how ambitious everyone is and its constant commitment to change. Throughout the entire business there is a daily enthusiasm for change and improvement. Maybe not every individual, but every department is geared towards finding better ways to do things and passing on that benefit to the customer.


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