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25 April 2017
Behind The Scenes


We’d like to introduce you to Martin, who heads up our Web Dev team. When it comes to correcting and developing our systems, he’s a bona fide technical wizard!

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

My job is to look after all the web development for Route 1, so I work closely with brand managers, contact centre guys and the studio team. Where there are problems with the website, myself and the team fix them. We also plan and roll out any new developments, while monitoring the analytics of the site to make sure what we’re doing is beneficial to both the company and our clients.

What does your typical day look like?

A typical day starts with a meeting with the team to discuss what we did the day before and what we’re going to do that day. We look at the backlog of work coming up and go through and estimate each job to make sure that we’re prioritising those that are going to give us the biggest wins. I also spend a lot of time speaking with and working with the guys that I mentioned previously.

If I had to single out my biggest everyday challenge with the role, it would be finding that fine line between prioritising live support problems (which is when things go wrong and need fixing) and focusing on new developments. It’s incredibly important to fix and monitor anything that goes wrong so it doesn’t impact our customers. But it’s also important to give our time to new developments so that we’re constantly improving the system and making Route 1’s site as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Luckily, we’re on track to finding that balance now.

What did you do prior to working for Route 1 Print?

Before joining Route 1 around 18 months ago, I was working for a large card company. My role there was very similar to this one, except it centred more on personalised print products such as greetings cards, mugs and photo books. Before that, I worked in eCommerce for over 10 years and have worked for some of the biggest online retailers.

What, in your opinion, makes Route 1 stand out from its competitors?

For me, it’s the way that we’re heading. We’re focusing on all the right things and facing up to a lot of challenges by working out ways to improve things across the board. The technology we use is cutting-edge, and in the longer term, our focus is on providing the very best customer experience. When it comes to the Web Dev team specifically, our goal is to release site fixes and updates every few weeks and we’ve already put processes in place to deliver this as quickly as we can. It really is an exciting time for Route 1 Print.


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