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Our 30-Point Artwork Check

05 April 2019
Behind The Scenes

Our 30-Point Artwork Check

Here at Route 1 Print, we want to ensure that your print always comes out the way you were expecting it to. That’s why we created our online proofing tool – so that you get the final say over whether your artwork goes to print or not.

But, as well as our online tool, we have a whole studio team dedicated to looking over your file and making sure everything’s in order. These checks make up our free, 30-point artwork check.

Customer Requested Check

Before you complete an order, you can send artwork to our studio team for a quick overview to make sure your artwork is usable.

  1. Is the file type correct?
  2. Is the file size correct?
  3. Are there the correct number of pages for this job?
  4. Are there the correct number of sides for the printed pages of this job?
  5. Is the file set to the correct orientation?
  6. Will this job require spot UV?
  7. Does this job use the correct fold?
  8. Does this job require extra finishing?
  9. Has the customer provided all the relevant information?
  10. Will this order need auto or manual proofing?

Manual Proofing Check

Our online proofing tool can get a proof back to you almost immediately after you upload it. However, certain products cannot be proofed automatically, such as presentation folders. There are also times when you might just prefer a human eye to look over things for you.

  1. Does the file provided match the order details?
  2. Is the content of the artwork appropriate?
    • Please see our Terms & Conditions for artwork content that we will not accept.
  3. Is the file the correct size?
  4. Is the copy legible?
  5. Is the resolution suitable for this product?
  6. Has the correct safe zone been left clear?
  7. Is there sufficient bleed?
  8. Has the correct colour profile been used?
  9. Are there any transparency issues?
  10. Are there any layout inconsistencies?
    • For example, does your booklet’s page numbering system miss out page 4?

Prepress Check

After you have approved your artwork, we conduct one final check just to be absolutely sure that nothing important has been missed.

  1. Does the orientation match what we have on our internal system?
  2. Does the file size match what we have on our internal system?
  3. Does the number of printed sides match what we have on our internal system?
  4. Has the file passed our preflight test?
  5. Have the cutter guidelines been removed?
  6. Is the spot UV layer set up correctly (if applicable)?
  7. Are all the fonts embedded correctly?
  8. Is there any transparency in the file?
  9. Is the document compliant with PDF/X-1a:2001?
  10. Is the file smaller than 200mb?

Find out more about our quick online proofing tool in our guide How to Use Our Online Proofing Tool in 3 Easy Steps.


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