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Production Spotlight: Our Booklet Binding Department

06 November 2017
Behind The Scenes

Production Spotlight: Our Booklet Binding Department

Booklets are a great, versatile tool that your clients can use for presenting all sorts of information in a neat, professional form.

Here at Route One Print, we offer three binding options on our booklets – perfect bound, stapled, and wiro-bound. Each binding type has its own benefits so that you can find the best solution for your clients’ needs.

Stapled booklets are useful for small amounts of information like magazines or informative guides. Perfect bound booklets can hold a lot more pages and make great product catalogues. Wiro-bound booklets have the unique ability to stay open and flat which means they can be very practical as instruction manuals.

Let’s take a closer look at the machines we use in our booklet binding department…

Horizon BQ 470


The Horizon BQ 470 is what we use to apply the glue to create our perfect bound booklet range. These booklets hold a minimum of 40 pages so we need to ensure that a strong bind is created.

We use a special form of EVA glue for our perfect bound booklets called Planamelt. This glue has all the benefits of EVA glue - in that it has low machine maintenance needs and creates fewer production defects – but also has the benefits of PUR glue to give a very strong bind.

The BQ 470 also has several automated elements in its set-up process that make sure each run is optimised to create as strong a bind as possible. From adjusting the milling mechanisms to achieve optimal glue penetration, to adjusting how much glue is applied.

We have linked our BQ 470 to our Horizon Variable Trimmer HT 1000V as part of a factory-wide move towards in-line production streams. This, together with the BQ 470’s automated set-up, is how we can produce and dispatch our booklets as quickly as we do.

Horizon Stitchliner Mark III


This summer, as part of our £5.3 million investment into our factory, we installed three of these models to produce our stapled booklets. Thanks to this, we are now able to offer some of our stapled booklets range on a 1 working day turnaround.

“Horizon have completely re-engineered their Stitchliners to create the new, highly-efficient Mark III model.” Says Adam Carnell, our Managing Director. “The re-design focuses on using collated sheets which improves the stitching accuracy and means that our operators can spend less time setting jobs up. They’ve also automated all of the set-up tasks meaning that we can move from job to job extremely rapidly.”

The Mark III Stitchliners have an impressive max production speed of 6,000 booklets per hour and come with an in-line three knife trimmer to finish each job neatly.

Renz MOBI 500


Another instalment from our investments this summer, the Renz MOBI 500 allows us to offer wiro-bound booklets for the first time.

As well as making great instruction manuals, they can also be used as branded notepads and even calendars. So, not only have we introduced our new wiro-bound booklet range, we’ve also opened our new calendar range!

A silver wire is applied to pages that have been pre-punched by our Renz Punch 500. We can easily turn booklets into calendars with the built in hanger dispenser – which quickly drops in a hanger before the wire spiral is pinched closed.

Our Binding department has seen a lot of improvement from our investments this year. Find out what else is new in our factory in our blog all about the changes we’ve made over summer.


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