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5 New Year's Resolutions for Print Sellers

17 January 2018
Marketing & Selling Print

5 New Year's Resolutions for Print Sellers

It’s 2018! A brand new year is dawning! Do you know what that means? It means everyone is currently walking around, dieting and claiming that this is going to be their year!

But what about your print business? Have you made any plans for how you’re going to grow in 2018?

We’ve been thinking and we’ve come up with 5 different things you could focus on to build your business over the coming year. Some will require a bit of effort and time set aside whereas some don’t ask much of you at all, so there’ll be something here for everyone.

1. Sell Solutions

One simple change in your sales approach could make a dramatic improvement to the service you give your customers. When customers approach you, take the time to understand where they’re coming from, why they need this print.

For example, if a customer comes in for a roller banner, ask them what they’re using the roller banner for. If it turns out their going to have a stall at some event, you could go on to ask if they have enough business cards to hand out. Or if they’ve got their flyers sorted yet.

By selling solutions, you might make an extra sale and your customer will appreciate the additional effort you’re making to ensure that their event goes well.

2. Review Your Website & Make is Easy to Use

This is one of our larger suggested projects but your customers would certainly appreciate it. Try and plan some time in this year to give your website a bit of a spring clean.

Imagine yourself as a customer, or better yet, get a friend who hasn’t seen the site, and explore the site as a customer would. Find out where the sticky points are, where you could have clearer navigation, and where the design could look sleeker.

This is your opportunity to make your site more customer friendly so that you don’t put off potential customers with a clunky design.

3. Improve Your Site’s SEO

Following on from that point, you site might need some attention for more than just its looks and functionality. If you have time, you could also take a look at how your search engine optimisation is doing.

Having a neat, easy-to-use website is no good to anyone if it can’t be found through a simple Google search. Improving your site’s SEO will help you climb the rankings so that new customers come across your print shop before any of your competitors.

4. Provide More Content Online

More and more, customers are looking for brands that add real value to their lives and businesses. Joseph Pine explains in his TED talk how we are becoming “an experience economy” where it’s not enough to just offer the lowest price possible.

Draw people to your website by creating content that’s of interest to your customers. You could provide artwork tips or a dummies guide to print terms. You could write blogs, full on eBooks, or simply provide these tips as an established section of your website.

5. Establish a Brand Personality

We’re ending on our biggest resolution to commit to. Creating a brand personality will take you time, it’s a big project to take on – but it’ll be worth it.

A lot of small businesses think that creating a brand personality is something saved for the big dogs who’ve been in the business for years first. In fact, it’s much more likely that they figured out their brand personality first and used that to build their success.

Having a recognizable brand personality has many benefits including making your business look bigger than it is. Customers will also see you as more professional and you will be able to build a stronger relationship with them.

With those resolutions in mind, do you have a plan for your print shop for 2018? Or, do you have plans that we didn’t include? If you’re looking to make some substantial growth with your company this year, check out these 12 different directions you could go in.


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