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How to Sell Print to: Religious Community Groups

18 November 2019
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How to Sell Print to: Religious Community Groups

For our latest instalment in this blog series, we just had to cover a sector that is gearing up to its busiest season. Religious societies and community groups based in faith are very active at this time of year and, with these tips, you can really make the most of it.

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In this blog, we’re going to focus on how your faith orientated clients will appreciate your support during their busiest period. Keep reading to discover how you can offer them the best service possible.

Favourite Products

Religious communities are often hubs of local activity and, as such, your clients from this sector will regularly find themselves in the need of flyers. These organisations need to advertise to local residents and will usually want to keep costs low – flyers are a perfect solution!

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They might not all be promotional flyers, though. You clients might be interested in creating something informational for newcomers, explaining the various aspects of their worship and organisation.

Opportunities to Upsell

Double-sided – It might seem obvious but, if they’re trying to keep costs down, they might not realise that going double-sided is only a tiny bit extra. Double-sided flyers look so much more professional. Your clients will probably agree that that slight added cost is worth it.

Upsize to Poster – On a noticeboard or in a leaflet rack full of other community event flyers, your clients need to stand out. Upgrading to a poster gives them that chance of getting noticed.

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Other Popular Products

Roller Banners – After flyers and posters, roller banners are the next favourite product for religious groups. Many groups, or charities affiliated with religious groups, will attend local fairs and markets to raise awareness or ask for support.

PVC Banners – To help advertise their next craft fair or seasonal market, your local spiritual organisation might want a banner tied to their railings. There are also many religious charities and activist groups looking for banners to take to their next rally.

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Business Stationery – There is a surprising amount of administration involved in coordinating a religious community. Help your clients get the respect they need with a professional collection of business stationery items.

Booklets – Many local groups will offer a regular newsletter to their congregation which could be finished neatly in a stapled booklet. On a wider scale, there are several religious publications which will need perfect binding somewhere.

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Seasonal Trends

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the final months of the year are where religious societies in the UK tend to step it up. In fact, these clients spend 16.2% of their yearly print budget in November alone! However, bear in mind when other religious holidays occur in the year and that some, such as Eid, change dates each year.

Tailoring your service to different clients is one of the best ways to maximise your sales opportunities. We surveyed 1,200 print buyers to get the information for this blog series. Find the results in full in our free eBook, Print Buyers and How to Find Them.


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