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How to Coordinate a Royal Mail Door Drop

23 March 2018
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Coordinate a Royal Mail Door Drop

If you read our recent eBook on GDPR for printers, you’ll know that Royal Mail door drops could be the solution many businesses are looking for. This service gives businesses a direct marketing channel that they can still target an audience through while remaining GDPR compliant!

Why is this of interest to you? Well, as a print provider, you’ll be getting lots of clients looking to get their mailers printed professionally. Imagine how grateful they’ll be if you can produce their flyers and leaflets and coordinate their distribution.

What are Royal Mail Door Drops?

Door drops are a rather handy service that Royal Mail provides to help companies target their audience in direct mail campaigns. So, if you want to do more than just send out a blanket mailer, you can narrow down your audience to people who you know might be interested.

Royal Mail is able to target an audience based on many different factors so that you can have a truly bespoke campaign. As you might expect, they can target an audience based on location – specific post code areas and also people living within a certain distance of your business. They can, however, target other demographics too, including age, gender, house type, affluence, the number of children and more!

Once they’ve targeting an audience, Royal Mail will then distribute your mailers to the specified addresses as part of their everyday delivery rounds.

These door drops manage to remain GDPR compliant because all the while, the audience that they identify is kept anonymous. The business that uses the door drop isn’t given any identifying data and the marketing materials are all delivered without an address on.

How Can Printers Get Involved?

You may be thinking that this is all well and good for companies wanting to conduct direct mail campaigns but where do you come into all this?

In general, we predict that GDPR is going to cause an influx in companies looking to create direct marketing campaigns as the rules get stricter on digital marketing. These companies are going to need a printer to produce all their mailer materials.

So, in order to take full advantage of this surge, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the other printers out there. One way you could do that is by offering not only to produce your clients’ flyers and leaflets but also distribute them too.

Offering to organise a Royal Mail door drop on behalf of your clients will save a lot of hassle. They no longer need to coordinate printing with distribution because you will handle the transition. You’ll also be an expert on the process so they know that their campaign is in safe hands.

What Do You Need To Do Now?

Coordinating a Royal Mail door drop doesn’t actually much effort. All you need to do is arrange for Royal Mail to collect the print from you, not your client, and to make sure your clients’ orders adheres to the necessary criteria for a door drop…

  • Send a sample to Royal Mail ahead of the campaign so they can check it meets requirements
  • Ensure each box of leaflets weighs less than 10kg
  • Ensure each bundle weighs less than 6.4kg
  • Restrict each box to one design, for one distribution centre, for one delivery date
  • Strap all items in securely when delivering to Royal Mail
  • If delivering a pallet that contains multiple designs, separate them with vertical dividers
  • Ensure all labels are clearly visible
  • Deliver all packages to Royal Mail 10-18 days before the distribution date

Visit the Royal Mail site for information on how to book a door drop.

Don’t forget, you can also give expert advice on how to make a successful direct mail campaign such as including trackable coupon codes to accurately measure the effectiveness of their campaign.

If you haven’t already, remember to clue up on how GDPR will be affecting all marketing channels before long and download your own, free copy of our recent eBook, A Future of Opportunities: What Can GDPR Do for Your Print Shop.


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