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How to Cross-Sell Re-Opening Essentials

05 June 2020
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How to Cross-Sell Re-Opening Essentials

Back in 2017, we wrote the definitive guide of upselling and cross-selling. However, enter 2020 and there are few new things you can think about as your clients adjust to the coronavirus pandemic. When businesses start to re-open, showcase your expertise and increase your average order value using these cross-selling tips and tricks.

Understand the Customer

We know that you understand your products. In order to really prove why these products would be good for your clients though, you need to understand them. Each business will have a different requirement for re-opening. By getting to know what kind of business they run, you can make appropriate print recommendations that are as unique as the customer themselves.

Always Ask Why

Why does your client need the product they’ve requested? Learning their objective means you can make sure their order is fit for purpose. It will also enable you to make recommendations on other print items they may need. To read more about understanding the objective take a look at our free eBook, What Kind of Print Seller Are You?

Make it Make Sense

When cross-selling, the technique will only be successful if the new product is actually relevant. For example, if your customer wants some signage with drilled corners, ask if they are intending to hang the product. You can then offer ceiling loops and hooks to help them with this. But again, this product add on makes sense to their original requirements – It wouldn’t make sense to suggest ceiling hooks if they were planning to screw their sign to a wall.

Tell Them Why

Sounds simple to just tell customer why they need a product, but it really can have benefits. For example, a customer gives you a call and says they need some a poster to advertise their re-opening date. First, you find out more information and discover that this poster is going in their shop window. Just asking them whether they’ve considered a window cling isn’t going to do the trick. Tell them why a window cling would be better. Help them see that a window cling won’t leave any sticky remnants on their windows and that they can easily peel it off and move it if necessary. That’s how you’ll get them on board.

Ensure the Experience is Good

Typically, people don’t like being sold to. We’ve all had those experiences with pushy sales people. You need to ensure you are providing a good overall experience even if you do not successfully cross-sell other products this time. Use your intuition and decide whether this is the time to push or not.

We’ve taken a look at a number of different industries to see how their print needs might have changed in light of the pandemic. Take a look at what we’ve found and get some starting points for your cross-selling conversations in our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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