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How to Sell Print to: Charities & Not-for-Profits

29 November 2019
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to: Charities & Not-for-Profits

In the latest of our blog series aimed at helping you target your marketing, we’re discussing how print can help charities and not-for-profit companies.

Bear in mind that selling to these organisations isn’t like interactions with other, for-profit businesses. These clients need to find solutions that show real value for money and you need to guide them there.

You might even consider creating a partnership with one specific local charity. Donate a quota of free print work in return for your logo appearing on all their artwork. Obviously, this depends on whether you can afford to give a way print for free but it’s also great publicity for you to a local market.

With that to think about, let’s take a closer look at what kind of print products can be useful to charities and not-for-profit organisations…

Favourite Products

It might surprise you to hear that, according to our research, the biggest buys for charitable organisations is a roller banner. When you think about it though, it’s not that surprising at all. Charities often have stalls at local events and fairs. They also set up in local supermarkets, along the high street, or anywhere with heavy foot traffic really.

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Their roller banners could be informative, advertising an upcoming fundraising event, or they could be general awareness banners. These organisations will probably need a variety of different banners throughout the year depending on their campaign.

Opportunities to Upsell

Wide Banners – Not everyone is aware that there are different roller banner sizes in the world. The standard is 800x2000mm but we also offer 850mm and 1000mm wide options. Offer your clients more space to fit in all the information they need by suggesting they upsize.

Premium Banners – Charities will be looking to keep costs low wherever possible but they should know that standard banners will see some wear and tear after only a few uses. Premium banners not only look sleeker, they are more durable too. If your client is looking to use the same banner at several events, it would be more cost efficient to invest in a premium banner.

Other Popular Products

Flyers – After roller banners, the big sellers to charities are in flyers. They’ll need flyers at all their events, flyers to be inserts in local publications, flyers to put up on local noticeboards. Don’t let them miss out on the chance to reach out to a new donor because they’ve run out of flyers.

Stapled Booklets – If you’ve ever donated to a charity before, you’ll likely have received a newsletter further down the line, letting you know how your money has helped. This is common for many charities although the frequency might vary from just once annually, to once a month.

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Posters – Along with their flyers and roller banners, not-for-profit organisations use posters as another means to gain visibility. These might simply be to go up in local business windows, or they might be part of a larger awareness campaign.

Greetings Cards – So many charities sell greetings cards as a way to raise funds. Help your clients design a collection for different seasonal events – complete with a little note on the back to let the recipient know that this card has supported a worthy cause.

Seasonal Trends

According to our research, charitable organisations have two print buying periods over the course of a year. It would seem that summer and Christmas are big fundraising times and therefore there is an increase in print sales in the run up to these two peaks.

September through to November are the busiest months. Use this time to suggest how they can make this Christmas the best yet with quality print from you. Then help them get ready for summer in March to May, their second busiest time of year.

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This will hopefully have given you some insight into how your clients from charities tend to think about print. Don’t forget to take a look through our other instalments in this blog series; How to sell print to: Estate Agents/Restaurants, Cafés and Bars/ Leisure and Tourism/ and Sports Clubs.


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