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How to Sell Print to: Estate Agents

26 April 2019
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to: Estate Agents

We’ve talked before about the need for printers to give their customers a unique service. Everyone who walks into your shop will be looking for print for different reasons. The better you understand those reasons, the better service you can give.

We’ve already taken a closer look into clients from restaurants, cafés and bars as well as clients from sports and social clubs. Today, we’re going to be looking into your estate agent clients. Keep reading to find out how you can boost sales with these clients by tailoring your service.

Favourite Products

Estate agents need a lot of different print products to make their business work but what product are they ordering again and again? Business cards. Every time an agent meets a new buyer, they need a business card. Every time they meet a seller, they give out another business card. Every time they happen to bump into someone just thinking of buying/selling – business card.

In fact, there might not be any other profession that goes through business cards as quickly as estate agents do. However, a close second favourite product is A2 posters. Of course, estate agents need to create appetising posters for their window displays to attract in new buyers. A nice big A2 poster lets them show off the best bits of a house and entices people inside to ask more.

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Opportunities to Upsell

Special Finishes – with business cards being so popular among estate agents, special finishes are a fantastic opportunity to maximise sales. They need something that’s going to represent their professionality, and the care that they take with their clients. It’s also a highly competitive industry so having a memorable business card can be key.

Encourage your clients to get a laminated finish. Matt or soft-touch laminations are probably the best choice, giving a sophisticated, high quality feel. Plus, if they like matt lamination, they can even go a step further and add some show-stopping spot UV embellishments!

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Other Products to Promote

Correx Signs – These signs are famous for their usage by estate agents as “For Sale” signs. Lightweight and waterproof, this material is perfect for low-cost, temporary, outdoor signage.

Letterheads – There are a lot of documents that passed around when a house is being sold or bought. Let your estate agent clients have a professional edge by helping them unify these important documents with a sharp looking stationery set.

Presentation Folders – Best keep all those important documents together. Design a matching presentation folder for your clients so that they can appear slick and organised in front of their own clients.

Greetings Cards – This one might seem a little out there but trust us. A branded “Congratulations on Your Move” card could be a nice touch for whenever a client moves into a new place. It’s not essential but could help your client to build relationships.

Seasonal Trends

Get ready for a big increase in sales to estate agents in May. We found that, on average, estate agents spend 22% of their yearly print budget within that month alone! Other than that peak, November and March are the next biggest sales months, but nothing compared to May.

You want to be targeting your estate agent clients hard in the run up to May. Perhaps, because there are so many products they could be interested in, you should put together a sample kit designed specifically for estate agents. Let them see all the different pieces that they could be enjoying and how they can work together to build a solid brand image.

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Hopefully, you now feel much more informed on how to approach estate agent clients in a way that will maximise your sales opportunities. For more information on why personalised service is so important, get our free, downloadable eBook, What Kind of Print Seller Are You?


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