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How to Sell Print to Gyms and Sports Facilities in a Pandemic

14 July 2020
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How to Sell Print to Gyms and Sports Facilities in a Pandemic

Lockdown continues to ease in the UK and many people will be very happy to hear that indoor gyms, pools and sports facilities are finally opening up. Your client in this industry will definitely be pleased – help them get ready for the big day with all the print they need to keep their staff and members safe.

Government Guidance for Gyms

Outdoor pools in England were allowed to open again from 11th of July with indoor pools and gyms close behind as they plan to open again from the 25th. In Scotland, outdoor pools are also open already but indoor facilities won’t be opening before the 31st of July at the earliest. Gyms in Wales will also not be able to open for a while yet whereas, in Northern Ireland, gyms will open from the 14th of July but pools are still waiting.

One of the major concerns these facilities have to contend with is social distancing. Suggestions to combat this include limiting visitor capacity and perhaps introducing a timed, booking schedule. Class timetables should also allow more time between classes so as to avoid congestion.

Other suggestions include one-way systems and providing adequate ventilation. If any outdoor space can be used, people should be encouraged to do so. And finally, changing rooms and showers might be closed to everyone apart from those with a disability and for swimming facilities.

Cleaning must also be rigorous as equipment, big and small, is shared by so many people. Staff should increase their cleaning frequency but they should also have cleaning tools readily available for visitors to use themselves before and after picking up a piece of equipment.

Social Distancing

Managing Capacity – Limiting the number of people inside allows visitors to better maintain a good 2m distance. Let visitors know on approach with an A-frame outside the entrance letting people know what the limit is. Outdoor queue management might be necessary too as people wait – our vinyl floor stickers or floor stencils are perfect for this.

One-Way Systems – Once inside, prevent people passing each other with a one way system. Your clients can mark out the path with floor tape and then use floor stickers, stencils, or posters to signpost the way through.

Facilities Closed – Let visitors know which facilities are and aren’t available with posters, window clings, or window stickers on the relevant doors. You could use a roller banner to create a barrier to areas that don’t have a doorway.

Designated Exercise Spaces – In some more open plan facilities, visitors will appreciate some help in visualising appropriate distancing measures. Use floor tape to mark our exercise stations or use floor stickers and stencils to indicate where individuals can stand.

Health & Hygiene

Cleaning Stations – Make it obvious where visitors can find the cleaning equipment they need with pop up stations in each zone. Pop up Exhibition Stands are excellent for this as they come with matching podiums. Roller banners or a simple strut card make great alternatives.

Physical Barriers – In reception areas, keep staff and visitors separated with a sneeze guard. Staff members might also want to wear a face visor when out and about and clear roller banners can be placed between workout stations to keep visitors protected.

Cleaning Updates – Help your clients reassure their customers by advertising their regular cleaning schedules. Posters, strut cards and tent cards can show when cleaning is in progress or when an area has been recently cleaned.


Re-Opening Communications – With the number of changes going on in these businesses, they will need to let visitors know before they arrive on site. Keep your clients stocked up on branded letterheads or produce flyers and leaflets to help communicate with their members.

Re-Opening Marketing – Help your clients tell the world that they’re back with all the relevant display marketing tools. A PVC banner outside their building will grab attention from passers-by, as will bollard covers and window clings.

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print in a Pandemic.


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