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How to Sell Print to the Hospitality Sector in a Pandemic

09 July 2020
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How to Sell Print to the Hospitality Sector in a Pandemic

As of Saturday, 4th of July, the government loosened restrictions on the hospitality sector, allowing many hotels, campsites and other guest accommodations to re-open. Things aren’t fully back to normal though, by any means. So, you need to be on hand to help your clients in this area communicate all their new processes to their audience.

Government Guidance for Guest Accommodations

Guest accommodation refers to hotels, hostels, B&Bs, Campsites and any other business offering temporary rooms for people to stay in. In England, the new guidelines came into action from the 4th of July, but Scottish hospitality businesses must wait until 15th of July, and hospitality businesses in Northern Ireland are working towards the 20th of July as an indicative date.

Managers in this sector are expected to help track and trace efforts as much as possible by keeping a record of full contact details for both customers and staff. They should also keep a rolling record of shift patterns over the past 21 days.

Like all businesses hoping to re-open, the government insists that a 2m distance must be maintained between members of different households if at all possible. If 2m is not possible, a distance of 1m should be maintained plus other, risk mitigating efforts must be made. For the hospitality industry, this means;

  • Regular handwashing and surface cleaning
  • Minimal staffing and fixed teams
  • Use of screens and queue management in reception areas
  • Closing all non-essential areas
  • Restricting lift usage
  • Encouraging mask wearing in any communal spaces
  • Socially distanced room service
  • Making shared bathrooms private or arranging schedules for different households

Health & Hygiene

Regular and Thorough Handwashing - Posters and signs should be up reminding customers and staff not only to wash their hands regularly but also on how to do so effectively. The WHO guidelines give clear instructions on proper hand washing and hand sanitising processes and should be visible at every wash station.

Physical BarriersSneeze Guards can be designed to match your client’s brand image and positioned over a counter, between staff and customers. We also recommend our desk dividers, or clear PVC roller banners between stations if staff or customers ever need to stand/sit next to each other.

Regular Cleaning Schedules - We recommend incorporating products from our “has been cleaned” range into your cleaning procedures. Posting these up will give customers peace of mind that the area in question has been thoroughly cleaned ahead of their arrival. We recommend tent cards that you can use to mark that a surface has been cleaned.

Social Distancing

Queue Management – Any areas where customers are likely to gather should have aides to help people maintain an appropriate distance from one another. Floor vinyls are proving to be a hugely popular choice for marking out where people should stand. We also offer standard stencils to help paint markings on outdoor surfaces if needed.

Distinct Zone Management - Where possible, staff and customers should keep within specific zones. If your client runs a restaurant as part of their accommodation, seating plans should be designed to keep households separate. Staff should also stick to distinct working zones where possible to avoid cross-contamination. We recommend floor stickers, foam signs, or a-frames to help everyone involved know where they need to be.

Restricted Areas – Non-essential areas, such as games rooms and gyms, should remain closed. Your clients will need appropriate signage on doors to let people know when they cannot enter a room. We recommend posters, and foam signage, or window clings for glass doors


Re-opening Communications - When businesses re-open, they’ll want to shout about it. Help clients advertise their re-opening date through posters, window clings, PVC banners and bollard covers. They may also want to send direct mail to their loyal customers – perhaps with a welcome back offer or information on their new policies. So make sure these clients have a good stockpile of letterheads and be ready to talk to them about flyers and leaflets.

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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