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How to Sell Print to: Leisure and Tourism

22 August 2019
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to: Leisure and Tourism

If you’ve been keeping up with our How to Sell Print blog series, you should now understand the importance of tailoring your service. By targeting different industries, you’ll be able to maximise profit and provide your customers with an all-round better experience. 

Not come across these blogs yet? We’ve explored how to sell print to estate agents; sports and social clubs; and restaurants and bars.

In our latest edition, discover how to offer a personal service to customers from the leisure and tourism industry. Be ready to help them promote their holidays and attractions to tourists. 

Favourite Products 

Due to the highly promotional nature of the leisure and tourism industry, it’ll come to no surprise that their most popular products are flyers, followed closely by posters. There’s no better way to promote an attraction such as a wildlife or theme park than by handing out leaflets and putting up posters in popular public areas. 

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Opportunities to Upsell 

Flat to Fold – Many of the places of interest that this industry promotes have heaps of information to communicate. This can include opening times, price lists, and other important details. So, rather than squeezing it all on a flat flyer, offer your customers an upgrade to a folded option, giving them all the space they need. DL leaflets are perfect for filling displays in tourist information sites.

Special finishes – Do your customers need to stand out from all the other promotional flyers around? Suggest having a lamination for that high quality feel so that tourists are confident they’ll be getting a great experience. Not quite enough? You could even go a step further by offering your customers spot UV embellishment which will really make an impact. 


Other Products to Promote 

PVC Banners – PVC banners are a great way to promote a message to a large, passing crowd. Commonly these are used for “Opening Soon” or “Now Open” signs. Or, your clients could even use them to give directions to their own customers if they’re in a hard-to-find spot.

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Roller Banners – Once your customer’s visitors arrive at their attractions, they could use roller banners to advertise such things as special offers or featured destinations. Roller banners are great for this – especially because they can be easily taken down when not required.  

Seasonal Trends 

In the leisure and tourism industry, we’ve found that the peak periods are January and September. This is due to places wanting to replenish their print for the New Year and in September, to prepare for the autumn and Christmas period.  

Now, the next time someone from the leisure and tourism industry comes to you for business, you’ll know how to provide them with a personal service and increase your revenue. For more information other industries, get our free, downloadable eBook, What Kind of Print Seller Are You?


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