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How to Sell Print to Religious Communities in a Pandemic

02 June 2020
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How to Sell Print to Religious Communities in a Pandemic

For many people, not being able to keep in touch with their faith’s community has made lockdown even harder. Find out how you can support your local churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious centres through print…

Government Guidance to Places of Worship

Currently, the only religious gatherings that are definitely allowed to go ahead are funerals. Other ceremonies, like weddings and baptisms, are only happening in exceptional circumstances, such as when a person is terminally ill. Regular worships are not going ahead but many faith groups are turning to virtual solutions in order to reach their community.

Even at funerals, only immediate family are able to attend and they must happen at either the graveside or at the crematorium. Social distancing measure are still very much required and nobody should attend if they, or a member of their household, are isolating.

Churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious centres are currently set to reopen within phase 3 of the government’s plan. They have suggested that this might come into effect form the 4th of July at the earliest but this depends on whether the rate of infection has decreased enough by that point.

When these places do open up again, it’s likely that there will still be social distancing measures in place. Religious centres may even have to put limits on the number of people who can attend a service.

Social Distancing

2m Reminders – With the current rules, family members attending a funeral must still stay 2m away from each other. Even when things open up again for regular services, we expect the 2m rule will still be in effect. So it’s worth getting some posters and signs for your clients in this sector so that there are regular reminders across their premises. They may even want to think about the use of floor stickers to clearly mark our where people can stand.

Health & Hygiene

Regular and Thorough Handwashing – As well as keeping up social distancing, good hygiene habits are key to reducing infection rates. The official WHO guidelines on handwashing and using hand gel are an excellent way to encourage these good habits. They can be printed on posters and placed in every bathroom for when religious centres open up again. Clients might prefer to print them on Correx or foam PVC boards which can be wiped down easily.

Symptom Reminders – Even for funerals, if someone has symptoms relating to COVID-19, or a member of their household does, they should stay home. Religious centres can put up posters and window clings in their doorways to remind people what the symptoms are and that they should stay home if any apply to them.


Re-Opening Displays – Just as people are eager to know when their favourite shops will be re-opening, followers of all faiths are keen to know when their community can come together again. Religious centres might want to put up posters signs, window clings, PVC banners and even bollard covers to let their community know when they can return. 

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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