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How to Sell Print to Transport Operators in a Pandemic

01 June 2020
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to Transport Operators in a Pandemic

Throughout the lockdown, public transport operators have been providing a vital service to help get essential workers where they need to be. However, business is far from usual and there are some new opportunities for print that you could help out with. Keeping reading to learn more about clients in this sector…

Government Guidance for Transport Hubs

Both passengers and staff must maintain social distancing efforts as much as possible. Transport operators can therefore bring in new measures to help facilitate this across their stations. This includes making sure as many staff can work from home as possible and that all staff still coming into work are aware of any new policies.

As of the 15h of June, it will become comlpulsory for anyone using public transport to wear a face covering. The guidance on how to use a face mask properly is as follows;
-    Wash your hands before putting the mask on and after taking it off
-    Wash reusable coverings after every use or disposing of it immediately if I is designed for single use
-    Change your mask if it becomes damp or if you’ve touched it
-    Continue to maintain social distancing efforts.

In terms of communications, transport operators should consider it their duty to remind passengers not to travel unless it is an essential journey. They should also be concerned with restructuring their interchanges to make it easier for staff and customers to keep up a 2m distance from one another, especially in areas of high congestion.

Finally, transport hubs must look at increasing their regular cleaning schedule. As well as any normal cleaning routines, transport staff must make an effort to clean all touchpoints (such as ticker purchasing machines) regularly too.

Social Distancing

Regular Reminders – Any large spaces where members of the public gather should have regular signage up to remind people of the 2m rule. Posters are a good choice, as are signs on materials such as Correx or Foam PVC which can be wiped down more easily. Floor stickers are also a popular choice as they can help mark our where people can stand too.

Essential Journeys Only – Other helpful signage would include reminders that people should only be using public transport for essential journeys i.e. getting to work if they don’t have another transport option. Posters and signs can help boost this message. Your clients might also be interested in window clings to put up in entrances to the station.

Health & Hygiene

Physical Barriers – Wearing a face covering onpublic transport will become compulsory on the 15th of June. This can simply mean a home-made cloth mask but we recommend your clients invest in face visors for their team members and sneeze guards for their ticket desks. They might also be interested in some posters or signs detailing how to use a face mask properly (see government guidance above). Head to our artwork collection and you can find the government's official guidance poster for travellers.

Regular and Thorough Hand Washing – We recommend posters or signs, using the official WHO artwork on how to wash your hands, at every wash facility on site. This includes public bathrooms as well as staff bathroom. There should also be signage around the station with reminders to wash your hands, perhaps even a roller banner for a larger impact.

Regular Cleaning Schedules – staff will need to keep track of their increased cleaning routines. You can provide your clients with a supply of printed cleaning schedules, using letterheads of posters, to help them keep on top of things.

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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