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How to Sell Print to Educational Establishments in a Pandemic

27 May 2020
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to Educational Establishments in a Pandemic

You might think that print is no longer needed by schools as a lot of learning has moved online. However, there are still opportunities in this sector. Plus, you can prepare clients in education for when schools start to reopen. Here’s how you can help schools with their coronavirus print needs…

Government Guidance for Schools

Currently, schools are only open to vulnerable children and those whose parents are essential workers. The government are proposing a phased approach to bringing more children back to school which is expected to start on the 1st of June.

Children, particularly young children, will find it difficult to maintain a 2m distance at all times. So the government are recommending teachers to focus heavily on hygiene. Handwashing should be thorough and regular; surfaces and equipment should be cleaned more frequently; and anyone experiencing symptoms should stay home. (They should also stay home if a member of their household is experiencing symptoms.)

The government does not recommend that teaching staff wear face coverings. This is because maintaining a 2m distance is thought to be more effective in reducing the spread of infection and teachers must adhere to this rule as much as possible. If a member of staff needs to get closer to a child in order to care for them, temporary coverings may be worn.

Health & Hygiene

Wash your Hands Properly – WHO released official guidance on how to wash your hands thoroughly and effectively. You can find this artwork, for hand washing and hand sanitising, in our collection of artwork templates. Posters would do, but you could encourage your client to choose Correx or Foam PVC Signs instead, which can be easily wiped down.

Wash your Hands Regularly – Posters and display boards throughout the school can help remind people to wash their hands more frequently. Your clients can also encourage better hygiene habits with pop-up hand sanitising stations, using roller banners or pop-up exhibition stands.

Temperature Testing – In order to ensure nobody is coming into the school with symptoms, temperature testing stations are becoming quite popular. They can be created using pop-up exhibition stands, or roller banners for a more portable solution. Clients with limited space could simply use a tent card on an existing countertop.

Physical Barriers - Although not stipulated as necessary by the government, local authorities and individual school staff may want some added protection in the way of face visors and sneeze guards. The frame of a sneeze guard can be designed to match the school’s image, however face visors come with standardised artwork and cannot be edited.

Social Distancing

Stay Home if Symptomatic – We recommend signage of some kind at every entrance to communicate this message. This could be done with posters and window clings on the doors themselves. For a bigger impact though, your clients might prefer a PVC banner to attach to their fencing, or bollard covers for the car park.

Keep 2m Apart – Although distancing might be difficult to achieve with young children, it can’t harm to have a few reminders around the school grounds. Floor stickers, posters and signs can encourage social distancing as much as possible.

Education Essentials

Remote Learning - Teachers are still setting work for children to complete at home. Creating bespoke workbooks and notebooks might be part of how schools are supporting parents through their home-schooling efforts.

Communication - There will be a lot of communications going so make sure your clients in this sector have a good stockpile of letterheads. Schools might also want some informational leaflets with a guide to good hygiene habits, links to mental health resources, or just an outline of all their new processes.

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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