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How to Sell Print to Retailers and Branch Owners in a Pandemic

27 May 2020
Marketing & Selling Print

How to Sell Print to Retailers and Branch Owners in a Pandemic

As the country prepares to come out of lock down, many retailers and service branches will be opening up to business again. Some stores never closed! And they all need to be ready with the appropriate print to look after their staff and their customers.

Print is vital for clear communications and getting the country back on its feet. Read on to discover all the opportunities you could take advantage of in this sector…

Government Guidance for Retail Spaces

Whether your client is currently open for business or is getting ready to open again, the guidance is the same: all efforts should be made to maintain a 2m distance between individuals.

When it comes to retail businesses, there are times when a 2m distance is not going to be possible – such as when taking payment – but risks can still be reduced, even then. Contactless payments are advised and business owners are encouraged to look into how they might move their entire operation online. Plastic barriers can be placed in locations where face to face transactions are still needed.

To encourage distancing throughout their store, retailers should calculate how many customers can be allowed inside while still maintaining a 2m distance. They should then assess their store layout and see if anything can be done to reduce customer contact, such as the use of one-way systems. Particular efforts should be taken to avoid congestion in places like doorways and queuing spots.

Hygiene and cleaning protocols should be increased throughout the store. Staff and customers could be encouraged to use hand sanitiser upon entering the shop and pop-up cleaning stations can allow customers to wipe down trolley and basket handles.

Social Distancing

Limited Numbers in Store – One of the best ways to limit customer contact is by limiting the number of customers – simple! We recommend using posters to let people know as they approach the store if there are any limits in place.

2m Reminders – Once inside, customers should see regular reminders to maintain a 2m distance from others. These can come in the way of floor stickers or signage. A large roller banner in the entrance cannot be ignored and is a sure-fire way to make sure the message is seen.

One-Way System – Creating a regular flow through the store means that customers are not crossing each other as often, but clear signage will be needed as customers get used to the system. Floor stickers are a very popular choice for this purpose but posters and foam PVC signs hanging from the ceiling would work too. Remember to mark “Entrance” and “Exit” doors with a window cling or vinyl sticker, too!

Health & Hygiene

Wash your hands regularly – This applies to both staff and customers. Posters around the store can encourage good hygiene habits like washing regularly and not touching your face. We recommend the official WHO guidelines on how to properly wash your hands in every washroom too. These can be printed on a Correx or Foam PVC board so that they can be easily cleaned.

Strict Cleaning Schedules – Any surface that is regularly touched by staff or customers should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. Help your clients keep track (and publicise their cleanliness) with a schedule, printed on posters or A4 sheets.

Contactless Payments – Reduce the number of customers sharing a touchpoint by encouraging contactless payments where possible. Create a foam PVC sign for above the till so that people can prepare in the queue, or opt for a simple yet professional strut card on the counter.

Physical Barriers – At the point of payment, keep your client’s staff safe by sorting them out with a sneeze guard for each till. We also recommend our face visors with a foam headband for each member of staff.

Temperature Testing – Your clients might be interested in the additional measure of testing customers’ temperatures. Any business that holds in-person consultations could use this as a way to decide if an appointment is safe to go ahead or not. You can create a testing station using a roller banner or pop-up exhibition stand.

Online Ordering

Open for Online Business – If your client has managed to find an online system, they’ll want to make sure their customers know about it. Flyers and leaflets can be sent out as a direct mail piece but your client could also put a display in their shop window to let passers-by know where to look online. Window clings are a popular choice here, as are bollard covers if there are any posts near your client’s shop.

Collections Here – Clients might be able to set up an online ordering service but still require customers to collect their items. In which case, clear signage is needed to manage queues, such as floor stickers, posters, or Correx signs.


Direct Mail Marketing – Help spread the word about a store re-opening with flyers and leaflets. Your client might also like a fresh set of letterheads to inform their more loyal customers about their re-opening date and new processes.

Re-Opening Displays – Shout the opening date from the rooftops using large-format print too. Clients can make use of window clings, bollard covers, large struts and PVC banners to create an exciting display in their shop front.

In-Store Signage – Many stores will be holding re-opening sales to try and encourage customers to buy. Make use of our full range of data strips, shelf talkers, shelf wobblers and aisle fins to highlight where the bargains are at. Prove yourself now and you could become their regular supplier for these items!

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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