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How to Sell to Salons and Beauty Professionals in a Pandemic

03 June 2020
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How to Sell to Salons and Beauty Professionals in a Pandemic

Businesses in the luxury sector have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. They have to sit and watch patiently as other services and shops open up in the earlier phases of the Government’s recovery plan. However, this is all set to change as the Government have announced plans to ease the social distancing measures to a 1-metre-plus rule meaning that salons and barbers can re-open from the 4th July.

Government Guidance for Salons

The government has provided guidance for “close contact” businesses that advises your clients based on the hair industries operational best practices. Recommendations like conducting a COVID-19 risk assessment revising their safety and infection control policies, keeping clients data for 21 days to help the NHS track and trace incentive and appropriate PPE. The guidance states that anyone cutting hair must wear protective face visors that extend below their chin. It’s recommended that salon owners should also add handwashing posters in public toilets as well as implementing and communicating their new cleaning policies on either posters or correx signage. 

Some other industry-specific recommendations your hair clients are going to have to consider is implementing screens between haircutting stations such as our clear PET roller banners, sneeze guards between reception staff and customers, one-way flow systems in bigger salon spaces and highlighting zones where they are going to hold customers waiting for appointments adhering to the new 1-metre-plus social distancing measures. 

Clients should also communicate their social distancing policies to customers when they schedule appointments and should display visual guidance to remind customers upon arrival and throughout their premises. Depending on the size of their facility, they might have to implement an external queuing system to avoid exceeding maximum capacity. 

Health & Hygiene

Physical Barriers – Due to how close staff get to their clients in this industry, it has been made compulsory for staff to wear face visors. Our visors cannot be branded but provided the required protection in accordance with government guidelines of covering the users face down to the chin. We recommend our visors with an additional foam headband for extra comfort as staff in this industry will be required to wear these for the duration of their shifts. We also recommend our sneeze guards for reception areas to help protect staff when taking payments

Regular and Thorough Handwashing – Everyone has been asked to wash their hands more and this will be especially important for those who are coming into close contact with others. Your clients can use posters to create regular reminders around their salons and we recommend the WHO official handwashing guidelines at every wash station including public toilet facilities. These can be printed on correx or foam PVC if your clients are looking for signs that can be easily wiped down.

New Hygiene and Cleaning Protocols – Clients in this sector promoting their new precautions are going to reassure their customers that they are taking their safety and infection control policies seriously. Posters and signs are an obvious choice but your client might be interested in a roller banner for a more unmissable message. For a smaller budget, a strut card on counters is still a great professional option. Clients are also encouraged to set up sanitising stations and have their customers wash their hands or sanitise on arrival.

Do Not Visit if Symptomatic – In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, staff members and customers should stay home if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Posters on salon doors, or window clings, can remind everyone what the symptoms are and encourage everyone to ask whether they should be there.

Social Distancing

Controlling Customers Entering Premises – The average highstreet salon isn’t a very large space. Although implementing a one-way system is advised, which could be achieved with floor stickers, many salons are opting to limit the number of customer’s in-store instead. An a-frame outside the door could tell clients they need to wait before entering, and a flyer distributed to loyal customers can tell them if the salon has moved to an appointment-only system. Floor stickers can also be used to mark out external queue systems your clients will need to put in place. 


Re-Opening Marketing – When beauty businesses can eventually open, they’ll want to shout about it. Help clients advertise their re-opening date through posters, window clings, PVC banners and bollard covers. They may also want to send direct mail to their loyal customers – perhaps with a welcome back offer or information on their new policies. So make sure these clients have a good stockpile of letterheads and be ready to talk to them about flyers and leaflets.

If your clients are looking for help with design as well as print, you can always use our free, editable artwork templates. Plus, for more advice on how the print needs of different industries are changing, don’t forget to download our free eBook, Print for a Pandemic.


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