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Maximising your Website for Sales

30 April 2020
Marketing & Selling Print

Maximising your Website for Sales

Maximising your Website for Sales

During the COVID 19 pandemic, stores have been closed and people have been trapped in the house and wondering how to maximise this opportunity. Read on to see our 5 top tips to prepare your website for the post-corona sales boom.

Update your Products

Whether you produce the majority of your print work in house, or outsource everything, there may have been a product that you could launch that you haven’t got around to putting on your website yet. Now you have a bit more time at your disposal add these in. Share what the product is, how it is made, and the key features, but importantly, ensure you tell your customer the benefit of this product. Once these are all on your site, why not send an email to your clients to let them know these are now available!

Update your Images

If you don’t have any new products you can showcase, why not give your website a refreshed look, at Route 1 Print we have created lots of new product images and even some smart objects so you can put your own artwork on these renders using Photoshop. These are however only available from your account management team. Send us an email today and we can give you everything you need.

Update your Portfolio

Do you ever share work that you have undertaken with previous clients? Your customers like to see the quality of your work and how this has worked out for those before them taking the purchase plunge, explain the project goals, what you did and some photos of how it turned out. You could even make a case study for a number of clients.

Merchandise your Range

Merchandising is all about how you display your range. Why not set up some landing pages of products that bundle together nicely, or create bespoke landing pages for your regular clients with products they regularly buy. Not only can these be a good opportunity to cross-sell, it also creates a more seamless customer experience, which long term will keep them coming back to you.

Share your Reviews

Social proofing, the art of someone else saying something is good and therefore it is. In order to generate trust for clients, you need show your experience and that you can be trusted with their work. Have a dedicated area of your website all about “What our customers say”, or if you use a service similar to Trustpilot, you can extract code straight off their website to showcase these.

There are of course a lot more tips surrounding the specifics of your website such as SEO or driving traffic to it. However this simple guide can be followed to give a refreshed look and experience to those looking for print at a critical time.


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