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Preparing for January: Maximise Your Print Sales

10 December 2018
Marketing & Selling Print

Preparing for January: Maximise Your Print Sales

January has such a unique feel to it. The start of a brand new year, the indulgent party season is over, this is a chance to click refresh on your life. Businesses who don’t capitalise on this emotion are seriously missing a trick with their seasonal marketing.

Print businesses are no different. There are opportunities here for you to entice your customers into investing a little more on their print spend than they might do otherwise.

In fact, we want to talk to you about one area in particular that print sellers like yourself could be capitalising on – business stationery.

New Year, New Business

Did you know that people are 10% more likely to start a new business in January than any other month? No? Well, now you do and it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? The new year has a way of encouraging you to bite the bullet and do the things you’ve not been brave enough to do before.

You can help new business starters create a professional look for themselves with a complete business stationery set. Having branded letterheads to unify all of their documents can reassure them that they are organised. Not only that, but customers will also have more confidence in their business.

You don’t even need to just target new businesses; existing business owners can also get swept up in the ‘new year, new me’ emotion. Maybe they haven’t already invested in a business stationery set or maybe they’re looking for a refresh for the new year. Either way, they can receive the same benefits a new start-up can.

“But I Can’t Afford Business Stationery!”

Okay it’s true, a consolidated business stationery set might not be your client’s first priority when starting a new company but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Many new business owners take an “if I build it, they will come” approach which, though admirable, is unlikely to stand the test of time. While it is obviously very important that you have a solid product/service, your client also needs to invest in bringing in new customers.

Many business owners admit that they wish they’d invested more in marketing earlier on in their business’ lifetime. Having a strong image is part of your marketing, it lets people know that you are a legitimate business.

So, even though it’s tempting to save any profits, you can assure your clients that they need to be investing what they can back into the business if they want to grow quickly.

New Business Stationery, New Stock

If business stationery wasn’t exciting enough right now, we’ve just released a new stock option for you to pass on to your clients!

You might have used our heavier Conqueror Wove stocks on invites and greetings cards already. This sophisticated, slightly textured stock gives a really professional feel to your print and we’ve just added a lightweight, 120gsm variation for business stationery. We hope you and your clients enjoy!

Get yourself ready for the new year with a promotion on business stationery. Don’t forget to prepare some ideas on corporate branding too so you can advise your customers well.


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