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Introducing Our New Website

09 April 2019

Introducing Our New Website

If you buy from us regularly, you’ll have noticed a pretty major change to our website in the last month. If you haven’t noticed, you might want to get yourself to Specsavers! We’ve brought you an updated homepage and we’ve completely reworked the way you build your products – all with the aim of improving your print buying service.

Hopefully you’ve had a little chance to explore the new site yourself but, just in case you missed anything, we’ll talk you through the highlights…

Spring Cleaning the Home

The first thing you’ll see is our new homepage; updated and modernised to fit the growing brand of Route 1 Print. Take a look at the snapshots below for a reminder of just how different the new look is.

We went from this…

To this…

Quite the refresh, isn’t it? The majority of the changes on the homepage are new style choices. For example, we’ve brought the site out of the dark with a brighter colour scheme and we’ve opted for a bolder, typographical focus in our promotional items.

In general, we’ve also tried to declutter the homepage. We want it to be easy for you to find the products and information that you’re looking for. Our Reseller Hub and Graphic Design hub are still accessible from the navigation bar, they’re just listed together under the tab ‘Blogs’ for added clarity. 

Fresh Building Blocks

Now, this is where we’ve made some major structural changes. Creating your orders has never been easier as you can now build products step-by-step, from the ground up.

This process should make it clearer to see which combinations you can use because incompatible selections will be eliminated once you’ve made certain choices. As you scroll through the sections, the summary panel on the right will travel with you, keeping track of your selections.

We’ve also done some tidying up, like we have on the homepage. Repeated information has been cut and we’ve brought important details to the forefront. For example, no more searching for blank templates because we’ve listed them in a much more visible position.

Fun Fact: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Background structural changes mean we have halved our site load speed!

Extending the Range

At the same time as revamping our site, we’ve released a couple of exciting new products for you to enjoy.

Our unfinished sheets range now includes boxboard for all your packaging needs. Design a net for your client, we’ll print it, and then you can take it to be finished and trimmed however you like!

Make the most of new stock options on Stapled Booklets. We’ve just launched 250gsm silk inners as well as 350gsm silk covers. Mix and match with other stock choices to create the perfect booklet.

Finally, our C- and Z- fold leaflets are now available in square sizes! Jazz up your designs with a 6pp square leaflet, available in 148 x 148cm or 210 x 210cm.

From our website to our internal processes, we are constantly working to improve our service for you. Read all about the £3 million investment we made last summer into improving our factory. And don’t forget, our blogs are updated regularly with advice to help your business thrive!


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