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What Does the New Face Mask Legislation Mean for Printers?

17 July 2020

What Does the New Face Mask Legislation Mean for Printers?

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister announced new legislation would be coming in around mandatory face masks. From Friday the 24th of July, members of the public will now be required to wear a face covering when shopping in England. This comes after already making face coverings mandatory on public transport and in hospitals.

You might be wondering why we’re bringing this up here. You’ve got measures in place for your print shop, you’ve got a face mask for when you need to go shopping, so what more do you need to know, right?

Well, we just wanted to take this time to talk about the opportunities you could be taking advantage of as a result of this legislation.

Maximise Profits through Cross-Selling

Over the past month or so, you will undoubtable had clients coming to you for help with the signage they need to re-open their businesses. As lockdown continues to ease, you will have more clients like this in the months to come.

As well as sorting them out with floor stickers for queue management, and sneeze guards for their tills, you can also suggest signage regarding the new mask rules. We’ve made it easy for you with free downloadable artwork templates, ready to be printed as a poster, a window cling, or even a roller banner!

Follow-Up Sales Opportunities

This new mask legislation comes after many businesses have already re-opened. But just because you’ve had the discussion about re-opening print, doesn’t mean you can start the conversation again. Reach out to your clients in retail through email or even give them a quick a phone call, and check whether they’ve got the signage they need.

This check in shows clients that you are someone with solutions, who wants the best for their business. It also shows to them that you are an expert in your field because you keep on top of the wider issues affecting your industry.

Looking Beyond the Legislation

Face coverings in England are now required by law in shops, hospitals and on public transport. There will be other industries though that have had the same idea. Even if your clients don’t work in retail, medicine, or transport, they may just want to encourage the use of face masks for their own personal preference. It’s always worth asking.

For hotels and guest accommodation, for example, one of the government’s suggestions is “Encouraging guests to wear face coverings on communal corridors.” If you bring this up, clients in this industry will be really impressed at your level of understanding of government guidance.

Find the full range of recommended products for your retail clients in our industry hub. And remember, our brand new sister company, Bluetree Mask Box, can get you all the masks you need with a regular subscription service, so you’ll never run low.


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