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We’re Expanding!

05 July 2019

We’re Expanding!

We’ve got some exciting news to share. If you keep up to date with the latest industry news, then you may have already heard – Route 1 Print is expanding! 

Our factory is about to go from 100,000 sq ft to 145,000 sq ft as we’ve purchased a neighbouring production unit, here in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

We’ve already started to renovate the new property and are aiming to have it fully operational by early next year. By the time we’re done, we expect to have spent £1.5 million on creating the ideal print environment.

As the Head of Route 1 Print, Mark Young, says, “We’ve always been ambitious. As we grow, we always keep one eye on the future to see what needs to happen next. We could see that we needed more space in order to continue building our service and this was exactly the right point in our journey to take that step.”

Of course, we’re going to need quite a few extra pair of hands to help when it’s ready. That’s why we’ll be holding a recruitment drive towards the end of 2019, creating even more jobs in our local area and ensuring that we’re ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, we’ve already got our sights set on some of the latest technology to fill our new factory. These new pieces will allow us to increase the production facility’s capacity, shorten turnaround times, maintain our high quality of standards, and expand our product range. 

A statement from our Managing Director, Adam Carnell; “We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer offering further so really, the future plan is to stay a step ahead of the curve and delight our customers on the way. We are working with our customers to look at their requirements and building our product range around what they are looking for” 

There’s plenty to get excited about at Route 1 Print! Read more about how we’ve worked to improve our services over the years with a look at our £5 million investment of 2017 and our £3 million investment of 2018.


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