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5 Step Guide to Using Our Online Proofing Tool

31 October 2017
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5 Step Guide to Using Our Online Proofing Tool

We know that when you make an order, you want to get that order off to print as quickly as possible. You don’t want to have to interrupt your day to approve proofs for artwork that you uploaded ages ago. That’s why we’ve developed an automatic, online proofing tool that will provide you with proofs almost instantaneously after you upload your artwork!

We call this our 10 Second Proofing Tool because it really should only take a few seconds to assess your artwork and let you get on with your day. Here’s how it all works…

Step 1: Upload Your Artwork

Once you’ve placed your order, head to the “My Account” area of the website. Select the order you want to upload artwork for and then click the button labelled “Upload Artwork”.

This will open a pop-up box from which you can browse your computer to select your artwork file. If you select an incompatible file, you’ll not be able to move on. When you’ve chosen the correct file, click “Upload Artwork” and move on to the next step!

Proofing Upload Screen

Step 2: View Your Proofs

After a few seconds, your artwork should be processed and you can view your proofs. You will be provided with three proofing options: Original, Fit to size, and Auto Bleed. The thumbnail provided does not give an exact representation of the proof so always remember to download the proof PDFs for each proof provided.

You’ll notice that two lines have been added to your artwork. The blue dotted line around the edge signals the cut line around your print. The red solid line marks out the ‘safety zone’, which is 3mm in from the cut line. You need to ensure that all borders and important information are within the safety zone to make sure they definitely won’t be cut out during the trimming process.

Step 3: Choose the Correct Proofing Option

In order to choose the correct proof for your print, you must first understand the difference between the three proofs provided.

The ‘Original’ proof will use the exact artwork that you uploaded. The ‘Fit to size’ option will stretch or shrink your file to fit the correct proportions for the print, including a 3mm bleed. Finally, the ‘Auto Bleed’ option will create a bleed for you by mirroring out the image from the cut line.

Remember to check each proof properly by downloading all PDFs rather than relying on the thumbnail images.

Step 4: Check for Any Flagged Issues

As well as giving you three proofs to choose from, our tool will flag up any issues that it thinks could lead to a poor quality print.

Proofing Proofs Ready

If you are okay with your proofs, knowing that these issues have been flagged, you can carry on to approve your proof. However, if you’re unsure, please do not approve your artwork. Instead, you can upload a new file or you could send it to our studio team for a manual proof by emailing the file to artwork@route1print.co.uk.

Bear in mind that this could delay your order slightly – and you need to add the email address to your contacts folder to avoid the new proof landing in your spam!

Step 5: Approve Your Proof

When you’re happy with your chosen proof, you can send your artwork of to print! All you have to do is make sure you’ve ticked the box in the bottom right corner saying that you confirm you have checked proofs and then click “Approve”. Sorted!

Proofing Approve

Please note: Some of our products require artwork that has been manually proofed. Artwork for Presentation Folders, Perfect Bound Booklets, Wiro Bound Booklets, and PVC Banners will need to be emailed directly to our studio team at artwork@route1print.co.uk.