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Ultimate Guide to our Booklets

26 July 2019
Products & Features

Ultimate Guide to our Booklets

Did you know that we have over 414,000 different combinations online across our booklet range? 

With a large variety of binding, stock, pages, lamination and quantity options, it can be difficult to decide exactly what you need. We’ve put together a fun guide to help you compare and decide which option will suit your client best. 
Here’s a quick introduction of our three types of booklet binding… 

Stapled – Otherwise known as saddle stitch in the print world. This bind is great if you’re wanting to put a small publication together such as a magazine, events programme or instruction manual.

Perfect Bound – if you’re client has a lot of text and images, the best choice would be our perfect bound booklets. You’ll have all the room you need with the ability to go up to 120 printed pages. This bind also boasts a professional look with a glued spine.

Wiro – Bound by aluminium wire, these booklets are not only durable, they’re also highly versatile. This type of bind is commonly seen on notepads, planners and informational booklets. It’s a great choice if you’d like to open to booklet flat without affecting the spine. 

Now, take a look at our infographic to compare which will allow you to compare all the possibilities  


We hope this has given you some guidance to helping you and your client when it comes to choosing from our booklet range. If you’re interested on how they’re made, don’t miss our blog on the machines that produce them; our Truepress Jet 520HD & Tecnau Accompaniments.




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