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Get to Know Our New Print Products

12 June 2020
Products & Features

Get to Know Our New Print Products

Have you been keeping up with all our latest product launches? We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve missed a few – we’ve launched a lot! Catch up on all the brilliant print items we now offer and see if there any new opportunities you can take forward to your clients.

Window Clings

Available under our stickers and labels range, window clings are a brilliantly versatile product. Your clients won’t need blu-tack or sellotape to keep these displays up – they cling to a glass surface without the need for adhesives. This also allows them to be peeled off and placed elsewhere without leaving any residue behind.

Window clings start off white so you don’t need to worry about leaving see-through areas if you don’t fill your design with colour. Your clients should also be aware that, if the design is meant to be seen from outside their building, their clings need to be placed on the exterior side of the window, (and vice versa). 

Window Vinyls

Unlike window clings, vinyl stickers are for more permanent fixtures. Your clients might prefer these if they need a sign that isn’t going to be taken down any time soon, such ‘push’ and ‘pull’ signs on a glass door.

Vinyls are a durable choice, designed to handle all weathers. So your clients can confidently stick them on the exterior sides of their windows for designs that need to been seen from the outside. These stickers are also backed in white so there will be no see-through areas.

Sneeze Guards

Our sneeze guards were developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic but they may be popular in customer facing positions for some time to come. These guards can be found under our point-of-sale products because they are designed with retailers in mind, to give a layer of protection when the 2m social distancing rules cannot be maintained.

The frames of these sneeze guards are printed on 3.5mm Correx with a 400mic clear PVC window. That means they can be wiped down easily to keep with any new hygiene routines. The frames can also be designed to match your clients brand image for a professional finish.

Shelf Wobblers

We are here to make your life easier so when lots of you started telling us that shelf wobblers would make your life easier, how could we refuse? These quirky promotional tools literally demand attention from the way they, well… wobble!

Your clients will love them as a way to promote sales and bargains in their stores. Adhesive pads on the flexible shelf arms mean that they are quick to assemble and can be placed wherever your client so desires.

Shelf Talkers

Another way your client can highlight key information in their stores is through shelf talkers. Our shelf talkers come with a universal casing that clips onto most retail shelving. If your clients want to easily switch between promotions, we recommend printing your shelf talkers double sided. The casings can be opened easily to replace to graphic.

Data Strips

To complete your in-store print supply, you can now come to us for data strips. Our data strips come with the necessary plastic casing which can be cut down to match whatever length of shelving your client wants. Your clients can kit out their whole store at once as these data strips come in 10m lengths, ready to cut down as necessary.

Bollard Covers

Step up the display marketing game with some attention grabbing bollard covers. These ingenious display pieces give your clients the option to spread their message without taking up valuable wall/floor space. If your clients have any posts outside their premises (no bigger than 205mm in diameter), they should definitely look into the possibility of bollard covers.

Our three-sided bollard covers are printed on 3.5mm Correx so as to be lightweight but able to withstand the outdoor elements. They come pre-creased with glue-free fastening tabs for easy assembly.

Display Accessories

If your clients are looking to put up signs but don’t want to drill holes in their walls, our display accessories offer a solution. They are also a great choice if your clients think they might need to update their signs regularly, as they are easy to remove and replace. We recommend using lightweight sign materials such as Correx or Foam PVC for these fixtures. 

Suction cups with built in hooks can be attached to smooth surfaces, like windows or plastic screens, ready to hang lightweight signs. Ceiling Loops can be fastened to a ceiling using their adhesive pads. You client should then pair them with ceiling hooks in order to hang signs from above, freeing up their valuable wall space.

Floor Stickers

Finally, we’ll end with our hugely popular new release; floor stickers. Our vinyl floor stickers are laminated with Mactac LUV6301, a semi matt sand structure which eliminates glare and makes your stickers slip-resistant (assessment group R 9- DIN 51130).

These handy stickers have played a big role in encourage social distancing measure. We’ve seen many clients use them to create new one-way systems or to mark out two metre distances in queue management. However, they can be used to promote any message in a way that cannot be ignored.

All of these products have been launched in response to requests from you. After all, it’s our job to support you in any way we can. So if there is a product you think we could be offering that would help you out – let us know. Call your account manager today and we’ll start looking into it.


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