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How to Assemble Your Totem Eco Banner

01 July 2020
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How to Assemble Your Totem Eco Banner

Here at Route1 Print, we love a bit of roller banner action but we also appreciate that they don’t work for everyone. Sometimes you need something lighter, less bulky, and maybe more environmentally friendly. That’s why we recently launched our Totem Eco Banner range – so you can provide for your all your client’s needs!

What is a Totem Eco Banner?

Made from 670mic Boxboard, these banners are a sturdy, paper-based display choice. Just like roller banners, totem banners know how to make an impact, standing at 2m tall. Unlike roller banners though, these banners are recyclable.
Between uses, you can fold your totem banner flat for easier storage and they don’t come with a hefty metal case. They are however, less durable for lots of repeated uses so we recommend these for short-term projects.
Our Totem Eco Banners come with a stand to aid stability. This stand is neatly concealed by the banner itself though so your customers won’t lose any points for style.

How to Assemble Your Banner?

Component parts: Square base, Strut, Banner

The Base

1. Fold up the two tabs from the base so that they stand upright. 2.Fit the strut card into the slots in each tab.

The Banner

1. Fold the banner along all vertical crease lines. 2. Peel off the plastic strip. 3. Press the tab sticky-side down to the opposite side of the banner.

4. Gently squeeze in the sides of your banner so that it bows a little on both sides, and slide it over your assembled stand.

Explore our range of Totem Eco Banners today and find a solution for your clients! We recommend using our template guides to ensure your artwork is built to fit our specifications.


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