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How to Use Our Price Lists Feature

24 July 2020
Products & Features

How to Use Our Price Lists Feature

Did you know you could download full price lists for each of our products? Well, you can! These lists give you all the different prices available for each product, for every single specification option available.

Now, for some of our products, there are quite a few variations available. Take standard business cards, for examples, where we have over 1,400 options, including stock choice, finishing options, quantities and turnarounds. As you can imagine, this results in one hell of a spreadsheet, but here’s why they can be useful to you…

1.Save Time on Price Comparisons

Compare prices quickly and easily when you need to see what options are available to you. Our lists have all our product variations and their prices in one place so you don’t have to keep switching between tabs. You can even turn on Excel’s filter function to help you pinpoint exactly which variations you want to compare.

2.Easily Calculate Your Mark-up

These lists can also be a big time-saver when you want to work out your mark-up on our prices. With all the options laid out for you in one place, you can easily calculate how big your margin can be and how much profit you can make.

3.Create Price Catalogues for Your Customers

Having seen how our pricing system works across product variations, and calculated your mark-up, you can now create something for your own clients. For standard orders, you can share a catalogue of prices with your customers and then you only have to worry about bespoke quotes for non-standard orders.

How to Download Our Price Lists

First of all, make sure you’re logged in. Our price lists are an exclusive tool for trade buyers like yourself so we don’t make them accessible to just anyone who visits the site.

Then you just need to find the yellow box on the left hand side of the page, labelled “Price Lists”. You might have to scroll to see this on some product pages. Click “Download Prices” and your file will start downloading to your device.

Once you have the lists you need, have a think about how you’re going to mark up those prices to make a healthy profit margin. Take a look at our tips on pricing print for ideas on where to start.




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